No More Last-Gen titles from Ubisoft; It's all PS4, PC and Xbox One Going Forward

Ubisoft is finally ditching the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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hello121314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Glad to hear it EA you should be doing the same!

When they stop making last gen sports games, then i will be confident they have turned their back on last gen.

Transistor1314d ago

They pretty much said the same thing, it's almost over.

Sorry last geners.

Simco8761314d ago

It's been long enough, no need to be sorry.

PlayableGamez1314d ago

EA is going to keep making last gen sports games for a long time. Hell FIFA 14 was on the PS2. I wouldn't be surprise if EA is making last gen sport games in 2025.

AngelicIceDiamond1314d ago

Great news. no limitations of any kind its just pure current gen goodness.

chrish19901314d ago

Hopefully a Far Cry 5 with no limitations!

BecauseImBatman1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Far Cry 4 was still pretty impressive despite it's limitations...

I guess you right, that what if would always be eating away at you. That's why the prospect that they are now cutting off last generation excites me for future games.

chrish19901314d ago

Agreed, but all the time I played it I couldn't help thinking "what if"

BecauseImBatman1314d ago

I agree and it's about time. Last generation was great but now let's fully embrace this generation with new technology that'll push the boundaries of our games.

Kal-V31314d ago

Umm do they realize they can still make PS3 and 360 games without them being cross gen. Make last gen only games, there's a ton of them out there.

Yodagamer1314d ago

It's just time to move on from them. There are also a ton of next gen consoles to make games on without the limitations of the last gen. There will more than likely be plenty of indie games and smaller games that will come out on them.

Kal-V31314d ago

i meant make last gen ALONG with next gen. like Assassins Rouge and Unity. I just say that cuz i feel bad that last gen uses get left in the dust so quickly. just sayin'

Yodagamer1314d ago

They've had nearly 10 years of great games. If a person can't get a next gen console there are plenty of cheap games that people probably missed. The last gen had a longer time of quality titles than most gens before this.

Macdaddy711314d ago

Companies spend millions of dallors doing PR work just to see if games would be worth releasing on last gen systems n it must show that there is no money to be made doing it or they would not stop making games for last gen

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The story is too old to be commented.