Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is Single Player Only, 30% Larger Than Unity's Map and More

OnlySP: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has been officially announced and will be set in Victorian London as Kotaku originally reported a while ago.

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SCW1982949d ago

30% more useless bloated padding.

FunkMacNasty949d ago

And probably only 10% less broken than Unity.

pyramidshead949d ago

Long live single player more like.

May just support this game purely on that fake. No more cheap gimmickery shoe horned in drop in drop out co-op.

Get gaming back into making solid experiences before trying any fancy stuff.

shloobmm3949d ago

There was nothing gimmicky about Unity's co op. It was a pretty fantastic experience.

PockyKing949d ago

Glad it's single player only again. I actually really enjoyed Unity's story for what it was. Hoping for even better with Syndicate.

vongruetz949d ago

Agreed. I don't see why every game insists on shoe-horning a multiplayer mode into it just to check off a box. AC4 was a great game for me and would have been perfect if it didn't have the MP stuff required if I wanted to get the platinum trophy. I want more single player only games.

-Foxtrot949d ago

Finally, they've learnt their lesson. These games are single player experiences, doing online will just waste resources.

I mean whats the point in online when you'll have a new AC out the next year.

MasterCornholio949d ago

Well Black Flag had multiplayer but it was still a great game.

The way I see it if there is multiplayer in an AC game it should be a separate part of the game and not integrated into the single player. Also the game should only have multiplayer if they are able to deliver a great quality lengthy single player experience

bixxel949d ago

Syndicte is Black Flag to Unity what Black Flag was to AC3. Minus some awesome innovative mechanic.

BecauseImBatman949d ago

I concur, let's get back to the good old AC2 days. If AC Unity was our AC1 of this generation, perhaps Syndicate could be the AC2 of this generation. Here's hoping.

Baka-akaB949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Not really , AC had a great mp in a few of its titles . But it's just better to drop it , when they clearly are having a rough time making a good game with either sp or mp .

TekKing949d ago

"Finally, they've learnt their lesson."

lol, you certainly haven't.

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zsquaresoff949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Great, more annoying loot chests to open and much longer stalking mission.

Visualift949d ago

Like a dog returns to it's own vomit... stop playing these games if you hate it so much.

Conzul949d ago

Yes, because progress is made not by criticizing things we don't like, but by ignoring them.

Someone give this man a medal -_-

bixxel949d ago

Worse is that it's basically Unity with the addition of:
-A whistle option
-Fluid-er combat
-A better excuse for British accent
-Batman-like grappling hook
-GTA V-like 2 protagonists
-A downgraded london (compare to screenshots of January before throwing me a dislike)

GreetingsfromCanada949d ago

Those "screenshots" were from a pre-rendered video from most likely 2013.

krazykombatant949d ago

The British is also pretty shit, for some guy that was from the dirty ghetto he sounds pretty damn posh.

Christopher949d ago

I feel like this means they'll just be announcing a multiplayer only AC game to be released alongside this game soon.

PockyKing949d ago

Seems a bit right for a F2P microtransaction ripe game.

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