It had to Start Somewhere 3: Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)

The Gamer Headlines wrote: Sonic’s story starts back in the April of 1990 when Sega announced that they wanted to create a game that could sell at least a million copies and replace their at the time current mascot, Alex Kidd. Their plan was to create someone popular enough to compete with Nintendo and allow the company to get a footing in America, where at the time Nintendo had a footing of around 90% of the games market.

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Rebel_Scum1287d ago

Great article. Sonic is very much a product of its own time really isn't it. I don't think anyone can create a new Sonic game that would have the impact they did back then.

In saying that though Sonic Generations was a good game minus the 3d levels. Sonic Ep 4 less so. They just didn't nail the movement at all. The jump was so floaty.