Tom Clancy’s The Division expected in early 2016

The Division isn’t coming this year

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JMaine5181310d ago

What? Don't play with my heart like this!

Crazyglues1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

LoL.. these guys can't be serious right now, this game has been coming out next year for the last 3 years...

first E3 2013 it was hopefully at best coming out in a 2014 release window (because that E3 build was running on a PS4).

Then E3 2014 it was coming out early 2015 for sure...

Now At E3 2015 it will again be coming out next year 2016

-only problem is at E3 2016 you know what they are going to announce right... LoL

This to me just says the game has problems and most likely it's the visuals, pretty sure there is going to be a huge graphics downgrade. /mark my words.

I'm calling it right here.

JMaine5181310d ago

Well when you have thirty studios working on a game then I guess this is what happens lol

OUROSMAG1310d ago

Yeah, nobody works or delays things to get them right anymore, they delay it cause there are problems..

This game will come out when its ready, quit being so pessimistic

Transistor1310d ago

It's not the visuals. It's the studio who is making it can't make it, that's what I heard. I wasn't sure if it was just a rumor, but them bringing on new teams every 6 months made it clear.

I don't expect the Division to be what we want it to be, I hope I'm wrong.

_-EDMIX-_1310d ago

So rush it? Its a new IP going against FFXV, MGSV, AC, COD and Halo 5, along with SW BF3.......

Why the hell would this be a bad thing? Release in spring, working and with MORE attention then fighting in fall. I'm sorry but Fall is not the only damn time games release. Relax.

" This to me just says the game has problems "

Or, they want to release it more polished, working right and with a chance to get more exposure.

I'm not buying this game instead of established heavy hitters, mind you...I still like the game, its merely that its a bit much to pay for a new ip when other bigger titles are releasing in which I have a greater idea of what to expect.

Having many studios work on the game isn't why its being delayed, I don't even thing that has much to do with this...

Many publishers have multiple studios that help other studios in certain features or aspects, ie Sony Santa Monica helping many of Sony's studios, hell even studios not owned by Sony, ie The Chinese Company, Ready At Dawn etc. United Fronts helped 343 with Halo MCC..

This isn't really new to gaming and no evidence even shows that having more teams is even linked to the delay.

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UKmilitia1310d ago

as long as i have games to play until then im fine and i do have a bit of a backlog i want to get through and i also want to go back to bloodborne by end of year so i have plenty to go at.

Cha0tik1310d ago

I don't mind as long as they get it right unlike all the other games UBI has been releasing. Take your time and DO THIS RIGHT because this could be one amazing game!

Games4Gamers1310d ago

I'm not going to purchase anymore Ubisoft games until I see some 'user' reviews

KarmaV121310d ago

No way! You're the first person to say that!

ScorpiusX1310d ago

Going to guess a March release , not a bad month .

OUROSMAG1310d ago

Not bad, but developers need to keep their mouth shut until they have 100% solid timeframes, saying "we have the division and siege coming out this year" was a dumb move..

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