Kickstarter Games Are Proving Big Publishers Wrong

With different titles finding massive success in Kickstarter, big publishers may have been wrong about what gamers really want.

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stephburdo1260d ago

Great article. I haven't watched that interview on Kindafunny yet, guess I need to get on that!

Venomousfatman1260d ago

Its a very good stream they had. About 8 hours of coverage with Igarashi himself on there talking about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Romudeth1260d ago

Why game developers shut their ears to what gamers want is insane to me. They're in the business of making money yet their actions seem to suggest otherwise.

Venomousfatman1260d ago

The reaction that these kickstarters have gotten from people will definitely garner the attention of a lot of companies. What will be interesting is if a big publisher brings in one of them to help with a new game released, based off their success from kickstarter.

Gwiz1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I agree on the other hand,the problem is they'll always target a large and potentially new generation of consumers.It's the only reason why certain IP's have large followings and sell a lot for years on end.The truth is with gaming being saturated between so many different devices and medium's it's no longer about maintaining it's initial userbase.In some cases it works both ways
as someone dating from before gaming was an industry it's not weird but rather inevitable that studios maintain and hold on to what sells,where things in the 80's/90's and even early 2000 was way more fragile.
(Meaning they had to appease in variety and not more of the same)

Look at Konami and Capcom for example,they're trying the same thing yet alienating it's great IP's like MegaMan and Konami dafuq is going on with them?.They couldn't do the same thing as the big publishers and that is bring in new generations.

MoreGravyPleez1260d ago

I'm 100% in support of crowdfunding games. This literally is people's choice and we don't get dictated by suits or marketing of big publishers what they think we want or need.

Cutting out the cancerous middleman of suits is awesome! I already backed Bloodstained and Mighty No. 9 and when I get some extra $$ I'm putting down for Yooka Laylee as well.

Great article!

Venomousfatman1260d ago

The middle-man may not always be cancerous, even though there are examples of some who have been a real downer. But these are all great examples of ideas/concepts that people have always wanted to see come to fruition, with huge positive responses from people.

A million dollars generated in mere hours to fund a game's development is a very big deal, and very hard for anyone to ignore.

HisRoyalFlyness1260d ago

Let's hope they don't follow the steps of Broken Age or Godus

hasamalaha1260d ago

What crowd funded games have enjoyed big success?

Because meeting your goal met doesn't prove anything.

Do you think Konami cares that a $1 million dollar game got funded?

Gwiz1260d ago

My point exactly..........

Summons751259d ago

Current events like Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained show that there is a market for these types of games despite big publishers telling us over and over that they are dead and nobody wants them. Clearly of they can do 5/600% better than what they ask there clearly IS a market.

Look at Shovelknight. Everyone scoffed it off as some indie bull but then it released and it was on some GOTY lists. That is a massive success in a market deemed dead. Sure Konami doesn't care but they are leaving the games industry anyway. It's the fact that big names of the industry are turning to this to make their passion games is saying something about the industry. IGA even said all big publishers turned him down saying there isn't a market...but here we are. Don't be surprised if Kojima shows up next year with one. Typically I hate crowdfunded games because they are normally scams but M#9, YL, BS, SK have all shone a different light on the subject and changed views.

Baka-akaB1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Still let's play devil's advocate a bit here . Some of the games ended up being revived as kickstarters spiritual sequels .... precisely because in the first place they failed in the retail and regular market .

Some people only mobilized once those series were dead , axed , and staff fired or left . So it's a tad too easy now to believe that each time publishers refused a goldmine .

Some revival came back precisely out of fear of extinction , and waves of nostalgia . We can't always blame publishers for giving up franchises , when they do provide the games , when they are good , and they still fail .

Of course it's not always the case ... with Castlevania the serie was shoved aside by Konami to "just" be handheld games , and luckily enough most of those were brilliant thanks to Iga and his team . Then when he actually pushed for a 3d evolution , they set him up for failure with underfunded and undermarketed projects , mostly to ditch him back into the world of 2d ... and later decided on some reboot with mixed results .

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