Top five multiplayer improvements that should be applied to Splatoon

The top five multiplayer improvements that should be applied to the upcoming Wii U exclusive shooter, Splatoon.

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TripC501285d ago

Agree with weapon swapping mid game and having all the maps available instead of just two in four hour ink-rements (gosh I'm so clever).
I would have liked split screen local multiplayer option along with multiple Wii U gamepad support.
Allow your New 3DS to be a controller option like in Smash.

Summons751285d ago

I so glad you went two week into the future to get the game and play the actual online portion....

vickers5001285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Most of these things have been confirmed, so Im not sure what point your sarcastic comment is supposed to achieve. If your point was to say "you havent played it yet so you cant be sure if these things will affect or hinder your enjoyment of the game" then sorry, but you cant assume what other people will like or not like, most people know what they will and wont enjoy/tolerate.

Most of these things dont bother me, except for voice chat, which after playing the test fire, while a disappointment, was not a dealbreaker any longer (i had no plans on buying the game before the test fire, afterwards it pretty much sold me... for a while).

I think the real issue with the game is that it only launches with 5 maps. Thats ridiculous. I was pretty much sold after the beta until I read the news that there would only be 5 maps at launch, being forced to wait until summer for another 5 maps to release. For a primarily mp shooter to only have 5 maps at launch is crazy, regardless of whether or not the other 5 maps are free. Hell, even 10 maps at launch would be a tiny bit on the low side for a game whose primary focus is mp. 15 should be the minimum for a mp focused shooter. "Quality over quantity", Ive seen this bs argument used as an apologist excuse for the lack of maps in the game, and it's crap. The maps in the testfire werent examples of maps "soooo good that they make up for it".

Honestly Im torn on whether to buy this game at launch or not. It was a definite buy before I learned about the lack of maps, I had a lot of fun with the test fire, but I dont think I can pay full price for a game that not only lacks any semblance of social features(not to mention some of the issues brought up in the article), but also lacks so much content(I dont really care for the sp challenge modes). I dont know, Im still undecided. Just so much wasted potential with this game.