Nintendo to reveal E3 2015 plans tomorrow

Nintendo will finally be revealing its E3 2015 plans tomorrow, the company has confirmed.

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ritsuka6661286d ago

Looks Nintendo is going punching the competition again at E3, huh?

Abash1286d ago

Fingers crossed for Pokemon X2 and Y2 at their showing. I loved Pokemon XY but it needed some more features and post game content, if they do that then Kalos will be my fav region

Transistor1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

It's Punch Out for the Wii U.

KeplerNoMore1286d ago

Maybe a real pokemon rpg for the WiiU? Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the N3DS, but gaming on the go has been taken over by phones and tablets, would enjoy it more on a bigger screen.

LOL_WUT1286d ago

Hopefully they have an ACTUAL presentation this time around those directs just don't do it for me. ;)

3-4-51286d ago

@ Kepler = Anybody who is serious about gaming doesn't do the majority of their gaming on an iphone.

THAT = fact.

Mobile gaming has not replaced handheld gaming because it doesn't offer the same games, it doesn't offer the same controls, it doesn't offer the same level of quality music, it doesn't even offer the same visual quality half the time either.

They are two separate things.

The Problem is some people can't think of more than two things at once, so they need everything broken down into two things to make it easier for their mind to manage.

They make the mistake of acting like THAT is actually reality though.

* Mobile gaming doesn't matter to 90% of real gamers.

Even female gamers that are serious about gaming don't even do majority of their gaming on mobile.

* People who otherwise wouldn't give videogames the time of day.......THOSE people play mobile games.

Corporate executives sitting on the toilet inbetween meetings.

THOSE are the people who play mobile gaming as a majority of their gaming.

Not JUST that...but just examples.

* Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft are going to give solid E3 presentations.

Nobody is doomed......thier is NO Gloom...

Just good news for a lot of gaming fans everywhere.

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Concertoine1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I thought 2013 was a total failure but they really bounced back in 2014, especially compared to the comptetition. No CGI trailers, no multiplats (not that there are any, but still), no 20 minute demos where they walk around and try to be all cinematic and all that crap. Just games and the passion behind those that make them, and a little humor intermixed.

The question for this year is: digital event or stage show?

The digital event guarrantees no flubs and a concise run time.
The stage show guarrantees more exposure and live crowd feedback.

LOL_WUT1286d ago

Honestly so far it has been mainly about PS4 and the X1 when it comes to gaming.

The Wii U needs that certain exposure which they can only get from an on stage presentation as oppose to playing it safe behind a Direct. ;)

AJBACK2FRAG1286d ago

Sorry Nintendo rented a theatre for their e3 presentation months ago.

Theyellowflash301286d ago


"Honestly so far it has been mainly about PS4 and the X1 when it comes to gaming."

So then why has Pokemon X & Y, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., Yokai Watch 2, Super Mario 3D World, and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire sold more than 99% of PS4 and Xbox One games?

And why does the 3DS still outsell the Xbox One and sometimes sells on par or better than the PS4?

All about PS4 and Xbox One? Not only is that opinion vague, its factually wrong.

N4g_null1286d ago

What do you get from hype and cgi? Better game nope... its truly is sad you believe hype is more important than games. Something is wrong with gamers to believe this.

This is why I like nintendo they didn't buy into hype first. I actually get my money's worth with their games. Sure not everyone likes them but not everyone is a gamers also.

That is ok.

AJBACK2FRAG1285d ago

Lol!!! I was totally wrong ouch!!!!!

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Loadedklip1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

As long as they don't have the level of third party support as the competition ... they honestly won't be winning in the minds of the average core gamer.

Can they show the best exclusive content? Sure.
But not the quantity OF quality games.

They are just ONE publisher vs everyone combined.

GordonKnight1286d ago

You mean average casual gamer. 75% of the video game market is casual gamers.

Loadedklip1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

@ Gordon ... it depends on what you call a casual gamer.

I said Core gamer ... not hardcore.

In Core I believe you have the hardcore, and the gamers that only buy the sports titles, big racing titles and the mass marketed shooters.

Those are your core gamers imo ... as in the core consumer for video games.

A true casual gamer to me is the type that might buy a Guitar Hero one year and skip the rest until 3 or 4 years later. Or the type that only plays a game if free like they are on IOS/Andriod or buys maybe 5 games tops for a system and usually buys them only when they are on a huge price drop cuz they don't see the difference between this year's new edition compared to this older addition, etc etc. THAT to me is a true casual.

If someone consistently buys Madden and NHL video GAMES every single year or Call of Duty/GTA every single release ... they are a core consumer of games or rather ... CORE GAMER imo. Maybe not a hardcore gamer just based on these purchases ... but a core gamer that gaming publishers target their games/consoles to attract.


GordonKnight1286d ago

@ Loadklip

A casual gamer IMO is a person that makes their gaming purchase on impulse and what is hot in the media. They don't really think must before their purchase because they game casually. Most games fall into the casual category. Games that don't are Dark Souls, Shovel Knight, and a number of indie games.

Loadedklip1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

"Games that don't are Dark Souls, Shovel Knight, and a number of indie games."

I consider those more in the hardcore side as there are MILLIONS of gamers who can play Call of Duty or Madden all year long and never once touch those games.

N4g_null1286d ago

How do you explain how many people bought these broken games at record setting pace... hardcore gamers don't buy based on sales and hype.

We buy dreamcast and other dead systems. It's just nintendo is the only real console maker out. I'd love to get a hardcore ps4 with great 1st games that show up 3rd parties.

That hasn't happened yet for me. You are best called pop gamers because you buy just like pop music listners. You don't play for substance.

It's fine but you are not core. I'm mean can you even beat a super nintendo game? What about nes... do you have any skill as a gamer at all?

If you can answer no then you are a pop gamer. You wouldn't understand what a core gamer or hardcore gamer would want.

It's ok but insulting to call your self a core gamer if you are not truly a gamer or just a mere colector. Yet if you are going to put down nintendo let it because they they made a bad game. Otherwise you are enabling the collapse of this industry.

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pcz1286d ago

nntendo need to get with the program and actually attend the event with a stage presentation.

doing a glorified nintendo direct on e3 day isnt good enough. we all know all the devs are put under stress to get stuff ready for e3 and it disrupts their schedules, but the stage presentation makes for a great show.

what nintendo did last year was just lazy. cheating. perhaps lack of organisation and preparation disguised as something new and interesting for e3.

marloc_x1286d ago

Screaming fans at a Smash Tourney perhaps?


N4g_null1286d ago

Yeah 4 hour demos with no crash... multiple tourneys. Live streams to bring E3 to your house... are you a Web site editor or an industry clown?

Nevers0ft1285d ago

You're entitled to your opinion (obviously) but last years presentation was both critically and publicly acclaimed, you're in the minority here. Surely the aim is to convey your upcoming plans to the public as clearly and effectively as possible - which the E3 presentation did in spades without any of the crashing, embarrassing silences our outright weird crap you see in the other presentations. In an industry filled with nerds and introverts, whoever thought it was a good idea to do a live presentation to the "world" in the first place was either a masochist or a comedy genius.

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stragomccloud1286d ago

I'm really hoping they do exactly what they did last year. It was absolutely amazing, and they provided completely in depth looks at the actual games; showing actual gameplay. The direct + treehouse was a winning combination.

greenmiker1286d ago

I cant wait mama Nintendo to hear news!

Big_Game_Hunters1286d ago

New punch out? Cmon Nintendo lets go big this year.

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