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"Ever wondered what it’s like to enter someone else’s memories? Thanks to Ether One, now you can. Essentially a first-person puzzle adventure game, Ether One deals with the very difficult and touching topics of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. You play as yourself, a.k.a. the “Restorer”, working on a new and controversial cure of dementia. Your job is to physically enter the memories of the patient – in this case, an elderly woman named Jean Thompson – and collect and restore her past memories and destroy signs of the disease.

The game is set in the fictional Cornish town of Pinwheel (reminiscent of Padstow based on its harbour location and the heavy references to May Day festivities). The areas you visit as you play are either based in the town, and have a very quaint, seaside village feel, or are set in the industrial area – deep within mines and dark, rumbling factories. There’s a very distinct feel to each location; personally I preferred the ambiance of the village settings – the industrial areas lack the same level of interest and the repetitive nature of the scenes were rather boring. The village and harbour on the other hand are bright and airy, and in their very nature and design make you want to explore to further uncover the beauty they hold." - GameSpew

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jznrpg1260d ago

I like it , you need to explore and read everything to catch the hints to puzzles. Not for everyone but it has a touching story if you can get into it.