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Destructoid:"I have an odd history with The Witcher series. I absolutely fell in love with the first game near launch, at the behest of a friend, and adored the way it approached morality. Typically, games of that era would offer up black and white options, which I felt was a lazy way to incorporate the concept of karma into a game."

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kingeliran1260d ago ShowReplies(13)
Chaos_Raiden1260d ago

Looking forward to this game a lot next week.

MilkMan1260d ago

He doesn't sound to thrilled about the game. Its like he felt forced to even give it an 8.

NoctisPendragon1260d ago

It surly is the case , i don't think anyone is alllowed to give less than a 7 to a game of this caliber and this hype .

Yukicore1260d ago

Caliber and hype? You're kidding, look at games like AC:Unity, that's all the game had, where did it go? All the way down the hill on its ass, franchise ruined.

It's like in those cartoons where a certain character would run past ground and on air, later realizing and facing the consequences, hype is basically that.

Overwhelming1260d ago

I didn't enjoy the combat very much in The Witcher 1, buy enjoyed everything else, So I've played it and liked it. The Witcher 2, for some reason, I just couldn't get into it. The combat was worse (and that's a big no for a RPG) and the setting not very appealing to me.
The Witcher 3 seems to be better than 2, in terms of story and characters, and I like the open world aspect, but it looks like the combat is still weak in this serious, so I didn't pre-order the game and I'm waiting to know more about it.

I guess the 8 in the score made me check out why and the combat looks like, once again, the weak point of the game again.

So now I'm undecided about getting this game.

stormswrath1260d ago

For me personally i don't mind if the combat is the weakest part of an rpg. Story and exploration are most important to me in these types of games then a good progression and loot system ant last comes combat. Just my opinion.

Overwhelming1260d ago

I'm not saying combat is the most important part of a RPG, but can be a deal breaker. Because most of the time, you'll be doing combat. Or doing things (crafting, looting, gaining experience) to help combat. So I can't just ignore a weak combat system just because of a good story.

Unless we're talking about something really extraordinary. But combat can put me off before the story has a chance to grip me.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is another game that I realy wanted to play, played it a few hours and just stopped. Combat is MMO like and I don't like it. But bought the game because I heard all about story, characters, big world, etc... Ended up regretting it.

MeteorPanda1260d ago

l'm getting this game cause l smashed dragon age and have no other rpg time vampire to dig into :<

Can't wait for the tsunami of jrpgs that will come after a year or so

Overwhelming1260d ago

What tsunami? I like jRPGs, but they've been a little bit disregarded since PSX/PS2 days. Besides Xenoblade X and FF15 for WiiU and PS4 respectively, what other jRPGs are in the works (that will have western release)?

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