Resident Evil – A Series That Seems to be on Thin Ice, but Don’t Fret, There is Hope

COG writes - Our own Resident Evil expert, and superfan, Judi Azmand takes a closer look at the Resident Evil series as a whole and lets us know what changes the series has made since its inception, why they seemed to take it down a different path, and why there is still some hope left that it can return to greatness.

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generalwinter1288d ago

Good article - I wonder if part of the problem is also that the survival horror space got so crowded. And even other genres started to incorporate horror elements into their games, so that RE just had trouble standing out from the shelf.

Paulhammer1288d ago

It seems to me that the RE games were just a bit slow to evolve - they wanted to be the RE of yore, not the RE people would gravitate toward in the modern day. The antiquated mechanics are evidence if that to me.

KryptoniteTail1287d ago

There is always hope. A Resident Evil 0 HD would be a good start.