The Game Pre-Ordering Debate: When You Should And Shouldn’t Order A Title Early

INQ: The debate over pre-ordering rages in the game community following some questionable practices by publishers combined with bug-filled or otherwise disappointing game releases. Pre-ordering isn’t necessarily a bad thing that should be avoided though as long as you handle it correctly.

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ScorpiusX1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Screw debates , I get what I want , when I want , have no time to wait .

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1192d ago

Completely agree with you. It's my money and I'll spend it how ever the hell I want to as long as I'm not breaking the law.

tigner1192d ago

what debate?.....preordering allows us to pay when we can so when the game is released its either fully paid off or partially....(at least for me)....i could care less about preorder bonuses, it just make the sting of paying for a game far less hurful

Spotie1192d ago

People seem to be under the incomprehensible impression that preorders are a way of paying a dev/publisher for a game before you know what it's gonna be like.

NeoGamer2321192d ago

Pre-ordering is no debate for me anymore. I simply don't do it. I used to pre-order everything, but now I pre-order nothing.

Special thanks to BF4, AC Unity, DriveClub, and Halo MCC.