Dungeons of Aledorn Webstore Now Open

It looks like Team 21 developers of the new classic style hardcore RPG Dungeons of Aledorn would like to thank everyone for all the amazing support allowing them to completely fund their Kickstarter. Just like any epic adventure it’s never over so, without any delay they have opened a webstore to help further fund some of stretch goals that were not met during Kickstarter.

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Jacktrauma1309d ago

I was watching this unfold. It's a very nice project and I'm looking forward to its completion. This store will help them alot

JoeIsMad1309d ago

If the game grabs steam, it will be great to have this store, but good stretch goals are essential to make it work. We'll see what's up.

ROQFrost1309d ago

Yea if the game doesn't grab steam this store will be a waste of time and money.