A Full Report and Apology Regarding MGO Expansion

On Konami's Metal Gear online website, there is now a report regarding the problems surrounding the "GENE EXPANSION" release. Included is a timeline that gives an in-depth analysis of what happened.

From Konami:

"A Full Report and Apology for the problems surrounding the release of METAL GEAR ONLINE "GENE EXPANSION" EXPANSION PACK.

Dear Konami customer,

We regret to inform that the release of the Expansion Pack METAL GEAR ONLINE "GENE EXPANSION" on July 17th, 2008 was marred by major system related problems resulting in great inconveniences with all our customers.

We have been taking numerous corrective measures since the problems initially started, but unfortunately there are no permanent solutions we can announce at the present moment. With the problem still ongoing, we felt it would be our obligation to publish a timelined report in to the problems."

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pricklypete3771d ago

DROP the ID's


Who Cares if it costs more ....


monkey nuts3771d ago

Konami are getting no sympathy from me. After the fiasco that was the beta in april you would have thought they would up their game, or at least their server count. This looks bad for them though, alot of people payed for the expansion and then were met by errors that meant they couldn't actually download it. Now if it were the psn this would be no problem as everything you've payed for is stored, so if $hit happens you can just re-download it. I'm not sure if the same would apply with the current setup of purchasing content direct from konami.

paracardium3771d ago

I bought the expansion last night pretty easily.. took maybe a minute or 2.