The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review: phenomenally dense | The Telegraph

The Telegraph:"It’s difficult to come to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt without any preconceptions. You’re either coming from the game’s own heritage, the first two Witcher games, and you’re wondering how CDProjekt RED have managed to take what has been a tight, focused RPG experience and extrapolated it out into a huge open world without losing the benefit of that focus, or you’re coming from Skyrim, that great Bethesdian behemoth, and you’re wondering if an open world RPG with such a specific player character and vocation can work without feeling hemmed in, restrictive, uncomfortable."

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sourav931231d ago anyone even surprised?


Septic1231d ago

There's still MGS V to come out. Will be a tough battle this year between these two and Bloodborne.

starrman19851231d ago

Agreed, this year is shaping up a lot better than last!

goldwyncq1231d ago

Haven't seen this much perfect scores since The Last of Us.

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jznrpg1231d ago

I really enjoyed the first 2 , so this was expected for me.

starchild1230d ago

I feel the same way. I loved the first two Witcher games and I was pretty sure The Witcher 3 would be even better, but it's nice to see all these high scores which show that a lot of other people are loving it.

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