Are EA Dangerously Rolling the DICE With Battlefront?

'When Star Wars Battlefront was announced at E3 last year the excitement reached absolute fever pitch. The return of a beloved video game series affiliated with one of the world’s most adored media franchises set the internet alight with excitement. Unfortunately since the reveal EA has slowly released details that have not only questioned the direction of the series but also whether this new game can actually be considered a Battlefront title at all.'

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Transistor1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

No, it's going to be a huge success.

DICE sells approximately 15M per game they release with BF, the movie is releasing very close to release which will just create alot of hype and awareness, it's one the first big current gen only FPS of this gen and it's being pushed with the PS4 for the holiday season.

People I know who are casual gamer already know about this game, regardless of all the internet concern this will be a huge success.

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Automatic791288d ago


You said same about Destiny and it turned out to be a did. Lol

OUROSMAG1288d ago

I think people are damning this game way too early, we will see more of it at E3. The double edged sword is if you make a game the way it was before, you're just reskining. If you develop it from a different angle you're screwing it up.

The game will sell, but it will also be fun if you allow it to be and not try to bash it at every turn.

annoyedgamer1288d ago

Well it is early and EA is already selling DLC. And to add insult to injury they already told their first lie: Touted CGI as in game footage.

OUROSMAG1288d ago

1. the DLC is free for everyone (dec 8th everyone gets it)
2. In engine

Revolver_X_1288d ago

I wish you could be just as educated as you are annoyed.

Bathyj1288d ago

Rolling the DI...oh I see what you did there.

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