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AusGamers has reviewed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and writes:

"So this world -- arguably the most intricate and detailed ever created in the history of videogames, is also a joy to move through. In fact I spent more time on foot than using any other means to get around when I wasn’t faced with bodies of water. On PS4, running natively at 1080p and without the day-one patch it rarely ever dipped in performance and just always impressed. Beyond just looking good though, there’s a real sense of animation and nature to it all, despite the game’s setting being one of a land torn by war with death all around. Alleged no-goodnicks hang from trees and posts with hessian bags over their heads; identities shielded from the rest of the land’s denizens to prove that anyone can become a decorative deterrent where the forced law of conflict is concerned."

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