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Trees bend and sway, storms blow across the landscape, buzzards circle overhead. The Witcher 3’s world moves in a way that game worlds haven’t before. It’s one of the busiest ever made, and while it’s not the biggest in terms of raw square footage, it teems with life: human and otherwise. The Northern Kingdoms are both extraordinarily beautiful and sickening at the same time. For every cracked castle artfully placed on the horizon, there's a tree full of hanging men. You're constantly confronted by astonishing views, but something murderous always lurks in the bushes nearby.

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bunt-custardly1260d ago

Ohhh an eight. I'm sure some folks would be expecting much more. Still, an eight is a decent score, just not the mind-blowing number that's been expected.

Septic1260d ago

Its only one review mate from a load of stellar reviews. And nothing needs to be 9+ to be stellar or mind-blowing.

themonado1260d ago

I know, right? I swear, some people...

Two-Face1260d ago

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a surprising failure as an open-world video game".

Those are some pretty harsh words, i'm surprised it got an 8/10. Is this a clickbait review, or is it actually acurate?

I will play and see for myself anyways.

CaptainPunch1260d ago

Funny how every other outlet is saying the opposite.

Pintheshadows1260d ago

That is a very different sentiment to all of the other reviews which seem to be implying that its open world is one of the richest and best of all time.

Dario_DC1260d ago

The technical issues probably annoyed this reviewer more than most.
I'm sure I'll enjoy all my time in this Witcher world.

BTW why does a game that MS has the rights to, keeps getting reviewed on the PS4? Really strange...

greenmiker1260d ago

"I dearly hope that the 'day zero' patch eliminates The Witcher 3’s technical issues."

I have not played the game yet but only in GR review I am reading about tech issues.