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Leo Stevenson -- "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the most grown-up video game I’ve ever played. Not only because of the confronting and frequent violence, its (both male and female) nudity, gratuitous cursing or endemic brutality. It’s a combination of these elements and an unrelenting look at a diverse range of adult themes that make Wild Hunt as confronting and satisfying as it is."

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StrayaKNT1225d ago

I'm happy for these developers. We all knew this game was going to be a masterpiece.

Septic1225d ago

Yup CD Projekt Red are extremely talented. Well deserved

MasterCornholio1225d ago

I'm really impressed with how good of a job they did with all versions of the game.

Even though I'm playing Darksouls 2 I'll probably buy the Witcher 3 to take a break from Darksouls 2 when I get frustrated with it.

Pastorfuzz1225d ago

Finished Witcher 1 on the PC a while back. Just started Witcher 2. Have to hurry. Want to play 3

ox_ADRlAN_xo1225d ago

7 more days.. Nice review

TheGreatGamer1225d ago

Nice to see an Xbox One review, doesn't seem there's any drawbacks that the other reviews for PS4 and PC haven't mentioned yet so all is good. Great job CDPR, cannot wait to get my hands on this game

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