Exclusive: Rolling Stones, Green Day Lead 'Guitar Hero Live' Set List

The Guitar Hero franchise is coming back in 2015 after a five-year hiatus, and now Guitar Hero Live has revealed the first 24 songs from its expansive set list. The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Black Keys and Green Day are among the initial wave of artists that will contribute music to the upcoming game.

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BiggCMan1106d ago

Really excited for this game man, I love Guitar Hero. I really like that they're actually trying something new instead of keeping it the same old game.

I like how we get to be the guitarist in a live concert, and I hope they have a lot of different actors to play band mates and not just the 2 we've seen. And i'm MOST excited for the Guitar Hero TV thing they've told us about. Where the DLC will basically be engrained into this mode, where you can constantly play new songs and channels while watching the music videos.

That's really awesome to me, and should keep the game going for a nice long time. They are doing everything right with the game. And who cares if there's a Skrillex song, just don't play it if it doesn't make sense to you. For me, if a song has lots of notes to hit, lots of hammer ons etc.

Then it's super fun to play, and I don't care if i'm actually playing along to a guitar as long as the note track is awesome and challenging.