Destiny: no Nightfall or Heroic strikes next week until House of Wolves is live

Destiny’s weekly reset will not bring new Nightfall or Heroic strikes next week. At least not at the expected time.

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JeffGUNZ925d ago

I don't get this article. Of course next week everything will hit with the DLC, just like it did with The Dark Below. Isn't this just basic common sense?

brokenbracket925d ago

You gotta order common sense on Amazon. It's not free bud. Especially basic common sense.

JWiLL552925d ago

House of Wolves doesn't go live until sometime during the day next Tuesday. Typically everything is reset 2 am Pacific.

GameSpawn925d ago

Yep. This really only effects people who do everything right after the weekly reset early Tuesday mornings. I always do my Nightfalls Tuesday after work (this late start won't effect me) and the Weekly Strikes Wednesday or Thursday nights, check Xur on Fridays, and then if I'm in the mood Saturday or Sunday I'll attempt to LFG for a raid, but if I can't get into one in a few minutes I just go play some other games.

I only play Destiny daily some weeks to complete every bounty to quickly level weapons and gear. Most of my stuff is at max XP level (no more XP is needed; all perks are open; only Shards or Energy are needed), so I don't need to play as often.

TheSaint925d ago

How is something common sense when it's only happened once before?

JeffGUNZ924d ago

Because bungie already announced this like a week ago lol. I believe they mentioned it in one of the twitch reveals too.

pompombrum925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

No biggie, a certain other game that just so happens to launch on that day will be holding my attention anyway.

Still, is there a particular reason as to why they are launching it later? I just assumed it would launch with the daily reset, would have made more sense tbh.