Rock Band 4 may support cross-platform catalogue compatibility

Dealspwn: It has emerged that there is a slim chance that gamers' existing catalogue of Rock Band tracks may work on next-gen consoles, even if they are making a platform holder switch. So Xbox 360 gamers may be able to use their tracks on PS4 and PS3 gamers use them on Xbox One.

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TheImprobableMulk1288d ago

That's an interesting development if true. I know a few friends who would love to be able to move their last gen purchases to RB4.

Blues Cowboy1288d ago

That would be amazing.

Sadly this sort of thing tends to get shut down at the very last moment (like Defiance, which had working cross platform MP and was designed from the ground up to offer full PC/PS3/X360 cross platform play, but MS and Sony wouldn't play ball), but surely this wouldn't be hard to implement! Fingers crossed especially after PS4 and Xbox One made inroads with GTA V etc.

MilkMan1288d ago

I've migrated from 360 to PS4 and my Xbox One collects phat dust. I was dreading having to buy Rock Band 4 just so I can keep my DLC in the same family.
EXCELLENT MOVE (if its true)!

Codewow1288d ago

They should bring RB4 to PC as well then. I know there would be issues with custom songs being created by modders, but that still happens on Xbox... Just bring it to PC!!! I'll buy it on Xbox One either way though.