European manages to access the USA Video Store

Maxconsole writes: "After watching E3 live via a friends stream I heard about the New Video Store for PS3 Owners. It sounded amazing and I planned to purchase content. However the days past and the news comes that its not available to us EU based PS3 owners!

Anyway cutting to the chase, it pissed me off and most of the people I know. Others and I tried the simple basic network concept of Proxy but as you should know it was a FAIL..."

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Ben10543776d ago

on youtube earlier . sucks that we have to wait till next year to officially have it though

TalzWhite3776d ago

chack it out, thats how you do it :( i cnt get it too work

Ben10543776d ago

goes straight to this page?

HateBoy3775d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that is the funniest sh!t I've seen here in a long time!!!

Anyways, yeah it sucks that we have to wait for it, but no worries cus its coming. Which makes me wonder when we'll see the Netflix thing, or something like it, here in EU on the 360, I'm guessing never. So all we get from the dash update is the disgusting avatar system...

Ben10543776d ago

but i have no idea what they are talking about

TalzWhite3776d ago

Owww i get what you mean!

Us Europeans are beaing screwd a bit :(

Dreassic3776d ago

Maybe it woudl be wise to put the proper source for this news, which is not Maxconsole, who only got it from another site. They even put the source at the bottom of their own article about this.

komp3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

n4gs "test", one of the questions the answer was to post the real source link of the article and not the site that wrote about it as the source.

Maxconsole doe not have the complete article with howto as I had not written it at that point.

the full article and source is at


dkgshiz3776d ago

Who doesn't know how to make a US account? I did the same when siren came out in japan earlier than the US.

Tetsuryu3776d ago

The video store is different. A US account alone won't give you instant access to the video store, it's based on one's IP address.

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