GamePro E3'08 Preview: Quantum of Solace first look

From a change in hair color to pouring out his favorite martini in lieu of another, James Bond has undergone a reinvention as of late. The super swank secret agent is in for a whole lot more this autumn when Activision debuts its first take on the franchise with Quantum of Solace. While only scant few details were offered up during Activision's demonstration, we're hopeful that 007 can make a hit out of his return to consoles.

Quantum of Solace chronicles both the stories of the previous film, Casino Royale, and the upcoming one of the same title. Specifics on the plot are being held back in light of how closely it parallels the movie, although it's pleasing to note that Daniel Craig's likeness is being leveraged for the game. GamePro witnesses this blond Bond navigate two levels -- one from Casino Royale and the other from the new movie -- which perfectly caught his secret agent moves in action.

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