New HD Virtua Fighter 5 screens

In these new screens you can see the details put into the fighters, environments and special effects.

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calderra4363d ago

The environs in VF5 look incredible... but the actual fighters? Not so much. DOA4 had FAR less jaggies, incredibly better textures, and just look at the difference in the cloth. DOA4's clothing looks like real silk. Tekken's looks like... well.. polygons with textures on them.


As with previous installments, this game will deliver to core fans. But in general, Tekken's still lagging behind in some odd areas.

Anerythristic264363d ago

DOA 4 does look better. I think Virtua Fighter is the better game though.

Marty83704363d ago

Simply awesome.Japs love this game,VF5 will sell the PS3.

TheMART4363d ago


Like... which one at this point in time?

All games that were hyped up are or less then the 360 versions cross platform, or just allright to good games on the PS3.

Resistance is good, but COD3 is better. And the best version is on 360. Gears tops them all

Motorstorm is good, but not an AAA. And there are at least 2 upcoming titles that will kick it.

So well. First see then believe. As far as we've seen know, games on PS3 have less texture, less lightning, washed out colors as if wrong washing powder is used.

As far as I'm concerned, there are two allright games on PS3, Resistance and Motorstorm. And I wouldn't call them AAA titles.

Bhai4363d ago

Killer-app is defined as the application that is capable of being 'run-able' on that specific system only, and any other system running it would be bound to loose much content and features.

Here's around-up of PS3 killer-apps in the launch window:

"Resistance": is a killer-app because it features a record making 40 players online, and managing of 3D objects totally manipulatable onscreen like destroying of buildings and rodusing debris and NPC bodies that remain intact and not disappear...using Cell's potential, and no other system out there can do that easily, PLUS the game contentis 16 GB in size, even more that a HD-DVD, so this is PS3 potential specific feature as well, with all these exclusive feature set, Resistance makes one hell of a killer-app, even at launch. Everybody agrees that 360 had its first after 1 whole year(gears), and even that is a GPU killer-app only and does nothing more that that. COD3 Hah !, is a bugs filled game that uses Unreal Engine to try to reach there where 3d objects define the world rather than crappy normal mapped textures.

"MotorStorm": is a PS3 killer-app for it not only actually starts the next-gen with insanely interactive physical world, but also defines what RSX can do beyond any other GPU out there in fields of HDR, particle FX, hi-quality textures and hi-pallete colouring schemes. Total deformation of ground and vehicle destruction upto the level of MotorStorm can only be done on CELL...PLUS, its not only physics simulations, its procedural synthesis which I now start to believe that 360 can only dream of.

"Heavenly Sword": You know, Wow !!!, everything from hair, cloth, water and clouds are procedural, PLUS the NVA-32 colour system is a RSX only and is utterly not done-able on 360 and not existing on current PC GPUs yet.

"Lair": HaHaHa ! WOW !!!, man you need to check Wikipedia article for it to understand what level of next-gen technology is being done for this title all thanks to Cell and RSX and all procedural. 360 cries where Lair exists.

"Virtua Fighter 5": I know TheMart and other 360 fan-bs are accustomed to textures only, and what else have they ever seen ??? HaHaHa. Well, VF5 is been around 4 months before DOA4 launched and still it has features that Itagaki, due to in-competence, couldn't put into DOA4.
-VF5 has models detailed even to sweat and pores on skin !!!, DOA4 HaHaHa still plastic models.
-VF5 has simulated water, DOA4, well an animated texture !
-VF5 has perfect clipping and cloth simulation. DOA4 features utterly buggy clipping and ribbon like hair.
-VF5 features true and authentic Martial Arts simulation. Well, you know DOA4 is fun but its not worked even upon after first moves-set.
-VF5 has deformable snow and sand, highly dynamic backgrounds with windstorms and lightning, and beautiful tunable AI, DOA4's only true-interactive stage is the beach one, the rest is well...bland !!!

Now the only killer-app 360 has:

'Gears': Best use of Unreal Engine 3.0 ever, which is basically nothing special. No procedural synthesis, no physics simulation, no vehicular gameplay, only 6-hours of game-length, typical gameplay, only 3-4 NPCs onscreen, story bugs, story-mode done like god of war(PS2), camera like Resident Evil 4(PS2), so nothing special for PS2 owners at all who will be getting PS3. The only good of gears is the best normal mapped textures ever...big deal Hah !

Anerythristic264363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

That was alot of OPINION there. Good damage control. I'm also glad that you seem to be an expert on what the PS3 can do and what the 360 can't do. One problem when 90% of actual video game development houses disagree with you , your argument tends to fall apart.

Oh and I'm impressed by the CELL but really the RSX is an underpowered joke.

Grown Folks Talk4359d ago

tried to give the ps2 credit for resident evil 4, when it was out first and according to most, better on the gamecube. it's also amazing to me how there are only 2-4 npcs on gears, yet there are 3 other people fighting with you most of the time. so that means there is only 1 enemy trying to beat your group at all times. my eyes must be tricking me into thinking there are more people.

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THE TRUTH4363d ago

So far we have 2 of the biggest 360 fanboys doing "damage control"

All I have to say is DOA4 doesn't even deserved to be mentioned on this topic!
Any _real_ fighting game fan, you know the one that appreciates gameplay and depth over graphics, would easily tell you DOA4 and the DOA franchise as a whole is pathetic!

Come on fanboys stop acting ignorant! This game looks phenomenal!! And you know it will have truly awesome gameplay that GAMERS and fighting game fans will love!

Stop your whinning and complaining and your crying! Thank MS for bringing you such great fighting games to your 360, I'm sure they have a developer somewhere that could make a very good FPF/TPF (first person or Third person fighter) probably using the UR3 engine

All jokes aside though, anyone who thinks DOA4 is in anyway superior is an ignorant fanboy, might as well get a tatto of bill gates sack on your chin! Pathetic fanboys

calderra4363d ago

You can be in whatever gameplay camp you want (personally- I hate Tekken's control scheme, and that's just my preference)... but both DOA and Tekken have major followings and are huge parts of the industry. Ya gotta remember, they were both PS2 staples at one time, and Sony fans were all about the DOA back then.

But couldn't Tekken's developers bother to at least equal their competitor in graphics, considering DOA4 will be over a year old by Tekken's launch? Especially with the supposed power of the PS3, shouldn't they easily be able to demolish DOA4 in graphics?

And you can't say "oh, but they focused on gameplay"- look at those backgrounds! They spend a LOT of time making the environments look top-notch, but they left the character models looking like crap (comparitively)...

I bring up my points for Tekken fans too.

The great 14363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

You are such an idiot, after eading your last five posts i can only say i've never heard such stupidity talk in my life each comment sounded like it was getting more desperate and hatefull then the last and it's clear this game is a cut above the rest of the fighting games out right now, so you really should stop talking crap, plus have you ever played RFOM, no i don't think you have so how the hell fo you know if it's a killer app or not, far as i'm concerned it looks really great and i will find out tommorow when my PS3 arrives which i purchsed off Ebay for £427 20GB version, i mean i never said GOW wasen't a killer app, but to me it looks like an iritaiting game, however just because i don't like the look of it doesn't mean it's a bad game, as for the comparison trailers i hope you watched them in HD because i couldn't watch them in HD because my monitor wont support HD, plus the normall versions looked good, but you need to se HD to see the real deal here!

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