X-Play Hands On: Chrono Trigger DS

X-Play writes: "During the prime days of the Super Nintendo, one role-playing game from Squaresoft stood above all. Its storyline intricately weaved time travel with mysterious characters and locations - from the prehistoric age to the future of robotics. That certain masterpiece, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Chrono Trigger.

We're huge role-playing fanatics (seriously, what aren't we a fan of?), so we have begged Square-Enix to bring us a current-gen translation of their legendary title from 1995. And they heard our cries and the cry of a certain fanboy holding up his SNES cartridge (we won't disclose who), as Chrono Trigger DS will be made into a reality. Not only that, we bring you a hands demo straight from their E3 2008 build. Hit the jump."

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