Xbox 360 Avatars Featurette Video

Video detailing the creation of the avatar system and its expandability in the future...

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Armyless3776d ago

Would the 360 fans have missed out on Avatars?

This is how competition raises the bar for 360 owners.

StayHigh3776d ago

rip off !!! Its exactly like the Mii..lmao..

Nintendo better call them out..

Monchichi0253776d ago

Stop HATING cuz the 360 will have Avaters WAY before you guys can even think about having HOME.

And so what if they got the idea from won't make us enjoy them anyless! LOL

And before you start throwing rocks at MS look at Sony themselves. Copying MS, idea for idea on there LIVE system. Trophies??? Hmm, I wonder where I seen that before??

ExLivingGhost3776d ago

You do know avatars already exist in PSN since launch right? in PSN instead of gamerpics they are called avatars so MS copied Nintendo and Sony.

Monchichi0253776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

RIGHT.....!!! LOL You keep telling yourself that buddy.

xhairs93776d ago

Why haven't they banned you from the gamer zone? Your posts are only backed from 360 "supporters" too silent to spread the "love" for the 360 period.

As for avatars, it's not a copy, it's a cut & paste. Home after avatars? Gladly taken, considering Home will have much more advanced features than some silly 2 inch 3D bobbling turd.

tatotiburon3775d ago

LOL xhairs9, talking about fanboys, go and see a mirror

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Pck3776d ago

Cant compete with HOME.

Bill Gates3776d ago

I really hate all the LIES this company spreads along with their BABOONS who help them spread it....AHAHAHAHHAHHA

Veryangryxbot3776d ago

Where that dumb looking guy said: "WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND SOMETHING LIKE AVATARS..."

Holy shiat, they blatantly ripped off Nintendo and tried to copy the HOME concept and they had the guts to ask WHERE ELSE. I couldnt stop laughing!

It looked so frikkin stupid, are those baboons really thinking they captured the hearts of people and the 360 community?

RAM MAGNUMS3776d ago

there it is. Now u can see with your own eyes.
I expect only blinded, bias comments of people in denial. Forced to like it & find a silver lining.
heres my comment:
G A Y!

Reibooi3776d ago

You know even though its basically a rip off I really wanna get my hands on it and see how in depth you can go with the customization I love things that let you have tons and tons of things to mess with and if what they say in the video is true they could end up have 100's upon 100's of outfits and options available. They should do that from the start seeing as there are so many people on xbox live if it wasn't deep enough there would be far to many look alikes which is very annoying. I do agree Home is the thing to beat as it seems to be far more integrated and detailed but we don't know when we will be getting our hands on that.

kewlkat0073776d ago

HOME is a total Ripoff of Second Life except it's on consoles.

Not that I hate.

Sony didn't invent "3-D virtual World with Living Environment with customizations" that it is is nothing new here...

Every time I hear this Avatar copy stuff, it's pointless when you look at what's been copied or imitated.

xhairs93776d ago

I'm pretty sure Neopets takes the cake from Avatars if you put it that way.

GametimeUK3775d ago

Home did NOT copy second life... Theres enough innovative features in Home to be able to consider it a copy... You saying Home is a copy of second life because they are social worlds is like saying Halo is a copy of Doom because they are both FPS... stfu gtfo plz roflmaoamgwtfpwnedrofflecakesb bq

tatotiburon3775d ago


and xbox 360 avatar are exactly like mii's?, there isn't any innovation or new feautures??

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