Ve3tro: E3 08: Fable 2 Hands On Impressions

If you're looking for objectivity on this one you've come to the wrong place. If Peter Molyneux invited me to spend all of E3 at his presentations for the entire show, I would probably do it. Fable 2 is going to be a singular RPG experience on the Xbox 360.

I won't spend time going through the combat which has been polished very well since last year or the seamless coop over Xbox live that was announced at the press briefing. Or the fact that the game is done and set to ship in October.

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CyberSentinel3774d ago

What are you waiting for...."Jump In".

green3774d ago

This game is going to be so good.

absolutecarnage3774d ago

yeah this game will be huge. I will be picking this game up for sure. If you were a fan of the first, you know this one has been massively improved

Veryangryxbot3774d ago

Huge, as in 12 hours.

Yes sir, you heard it here first. Its 12 hours long.
For an RPG, its an automatic fail.

This game may win the disappointment of the year.

Highwayman3774d ago

I laugh every time someone displays this level of ignorance.

12 hours for the main story....Anyone who plays RPG's knows that the main quest line isn't what really makes it an RPG, it's the side quest, dungeon crawling, exploring, and other activities. Fable II will have all that and more.
Consider the fact that you can own everything in Fable II that alone will take anyone at least 100 hours worth of gameplay to raise that kind of gold.

So this means that you comment was an automatic fail.

Care to tell me how long the main quest in Oblivion was??

Your comment wins disappointment of the year.

solidsnakus3774d ago

damn. if yor wife divorces you she keeps 50% of all your gold and your house...damn thats harsh

3774d ago
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