Project CARS is the Best Racing Game on PS4/Xbox One

With the recent release of Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS the question is posed whether this is the best racing game on current gen systems.

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Ben121225d ago

Forza 5 is still king. I have played all current racers for consoles. and yes forza 5 a launch game is the best. Project cars is good but lacks cars and customization. Plus forza still looks just as nice. can't wait for forza 6 this game will rule. Or possibly a new granturismo. Anyways still nice to see a new contender like project cars.

Bobby Kotex1225d ago

I really liked Horizon 2, but that's a different beast.

FattyBoy3D1225d ago

It is a different beast, but an awesome game tho

mcstorm1225d ago

I'm with you on Forza Horizon 2. For me its the racing game to beat. Project Cars is a very good racing game but I still think it has a little bit of a way to go before it can be up there with Forza and GT. I'm enjoying the game so far though not played MP yet though as getting stuck into SP. Looking forward to Forza 6 later this year but for me having DC, Forza 5, PC, FH2 so far this gen I have to say its been a great start for us racing fans.

Moldiver1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


Awesome pics! but tell the just wanted to show of your forza garage...So thats my excuse to do the same! ;)...for graphics purposes..inline with the thread.

Here are some of my FM5 shots:




And some of my recent shots from FH2 fast and furious:

Weather shots. because everybody like that.



This shot captures forzas underlying suspension work nicely. Notice the body role while cornering out on to the yacht yard? even with toned down car physics, FH2 retains a sense of feel and connectedness to the road.


You wont be doing this in DC, Pcars or GT...


or this.....


some say FH2 doesnt have focused road racing..but anybody who has played it knows thats a lie..



one of my fave roads at my fave time of the evening.


The game simply has that magic. that X factor.

And at times...its artistcally beautiful.


The problem with owning both, FH2 and FM5 is that they give you everything. an open world arcade racer and a sim. I have Pcars. I pre ordered it instead of the witcher last month. after seeing witcher turn out so well, I wish I swapped my pre orders around. Not because Pcars is bad. It great, I think. But its not really swaying me from FM5, right now. I have almost completed the single player part of FM5, so ill soon be neck deep in Pcars single player in the next few weeks. for now its sitting and waiting its turn. Which is why I wish I got the witcher this month. I dint need a another racer so soon. But I have it now, and im not returning it, seeing as I was going to get Pcars anyway. I just have to be more considerate of what im already playing in relation to what I am currently buying.

spicelicka1225d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is probably one of the best racing games ever made, only people who've actually played the game will understand that.

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LifeInNZ1225d ago

Fix the framerate issues, screen tearing and throw in car customisation like Forza and I'd agree with this article. As it stands Forza 5 still stands as one of those best racing launch game titles on console.

Bring on Forza 6!

HmongAmerican1225d ago

I have the 2014 Playstation TV that give you the option to turn on LED motion which eliminate screen tearing and frame rate issue when gaming. This option work best with racing game but worst when playing first person shooters when turning side to side.

1225d ago
Zeref1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Read the title. And was like lol nope. Project cars was overhyped.

3-4-51224d ago

No way...

This game is getting terrible reviews and comments from people who have played it.

Nothing tops Forza Horizon 2 or Forza 5 on Xbox One and Grand Turismo will be king on PS4.

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forager1225d ago

I still cant seem to find the proper controller settings that makes this game complete.

Bathyj1225d ago

If this supported G25 on PS4 I would get it for sure, but I'm just a bit bummed on racing games now because of that.

Moldiver1225d ago

Thing is though, if your into sims and own a PS4 this is the best option until GT shows up. And that might be a while. I would say just bite the bullet. Its a good racer to pass that time with, and has enough depth to keep a hardcore GT player interested. I own it on X1 and its pretty good framerates, aside. Thats less of an issue on Ps4, so consider that.

FattyBoy3D1225d ago

I disagree with this opinion but I will fight to the death to preserve his right to make it.

stonecold31225d ago

i say gt7 will be the best of both games

FattyBoy3D1225d ago

Might be waiting a very long time to make the comparison

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