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"So, E3 is over and a lot went on. Sony lost exclusivity to Final Fantasy XIII but managed to keep Metal Gear Solid 4 and other titles such as Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Some people thought Sony's press conference went well others say they weren't too impressed with it.

Let's take a look at the missing games of E3 that could have boosted Sony's value and possibly have took the E3 show."

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sinncross3771d ago

there were lotsa more missing then those (and kh3 might not even be on a sony console):

the cellius titles, a Suda51 title, ZOne of the enders 3, wardevil, to name but a few of the titles that were missing.

thor3771d ago

Don't get your hopes up about _all_ the titles, some WILL be cancelled (that's a given but only because there are so many of them), some WILL become multiplatform, some are just speculation and didn't exist in the first place, BUT sony DID show some games behind closed doors that we SHOULD be getting excited about.

masterofpwnage3771d ago

ps3 has to many games for them to announce in there conference.

it will probably take micro conference alone to announce and show 75% of there full libary.

sony was the best and always the best in e3.

and look at the xbots going crazy for ff13. i remember wen they were all like.

"forget ff13 we got LO FF series is getting old" or "forget FF13 we got all of these rpg"

i for one dont care because i always did like versus and maybe hella people, go to gametrailers or youtube and look at the views from both games and we get ff13 first

Veryangryxbot3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Just like 97% of the games shown in MS E3 conference.


Face it, boy. The reality is simple. PS3 has more exclusive games than MS. 360 does not have a lot of exclusives to warrant a purchase of that console. It is a console with games that are available for the PS3. Thus one has to ask himself why he should bother with a crap60 at all.

Resident evil 5? I can get it on my PS3.
Grand theft auto 4? PS3 baby.
Dead space, Fall out 3, Red alert 3, Spore, COD5? PS3 FTW baby!

But where can I get to play M.A.G? Only the PS3 has enough power to run such a game.
God of war 3? PS3 baby!
Killzone 2? PS3!
Resistance 2? PS3
Tekken 6? PS3!
Infamous? PS3!
LittleBigPlanet? PS3 ONLY!
DC marvell universe? PS3!

Hahaha I can go on and on but the fact is, PS3 has more games, better games, and more exclusive titles. And games arent the only advantage the PS3 has got. Thats why its having momentum right now and thats why it will destroy the 360 when all is said and done.

There is simply more reason to purchase a PS3 than a 360.

dro3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

im am looking foward to twisted metal alot because i have follwed it from ps1/2....i hope they show us something at TGS out of all the games on the list its twisted metal im looking foward to the for La Noire i doubt it will be exlusive, the reason y i say that is because it is being made by rockstar who also let gta4 go multiplat and gave the 360 version exlusive downlad content because of 50,000,000,now if they can do that do a download content what makes u think if m$ goes to them with lets say 70,000,000 and say we want it to go multiplat do u think they will turn down that offer, im just saying what i think might happen not what i know will happen so dont attack me ps3 fan bois (>_<)

Thoas3771d ago

That GTA IV DLC is M.I.A. M$ even said they don't know what R* is up to with that. Trust me if M$ knew anything they would of blabbed it.

kevnb3771d ago

that 50 million was lent out to rockstar, not given.

Seraphemz3771d ago

Im pretty sure that I heard that SONY was funding LA NOIRE, and thats why its going to be exclusive.
But i think that it wont be. I dont see R* doing any more FULLY exclusive games for any platform.

Thoas3771d ago

Sony has won two generations back to back by large margins. They know what there doing.

3771d ago
NintendoWTF3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Sony first party developer lineup is enormous and is spread out over many game shows.

The largest one beside E3 is Tokyo Game Show, but there is also Leipzig, and there should be at least one major Sony PS3 show this year.

Sony at E3 had:

MAG from the Zipper/SOCOM guys with the insane 256 person online revelead.
inFamous from Sucker Punch/Sly Cooper guys
Fat Princess
The amazing Killzone 2 online details
Motorstorm 2

plus PS2 titles and PSP stuff like Resistance.

and of course the online movie rental service for the PS3.

Nintendo only had that abomination WiiMusic.
Microsoft announced they are getting a port two years from now.

Sony would have had to have a six hour presentation if they were going to fit all of their first party games into one show. Sony would have still dominated E3 with half the stuff they announced compared to the total duds Nintendo and Microsoft had at E3.

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