Exclusive: coming soon to PS Plus version of Driveclub

New details about DriveClub PS Plus version.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Maybe they should just put the whole game up for free. Yea it's been that long. It's honestly a great game and still the best looking visuals in its genre to date IMO. I say just pick it up cheap already and enjoy the full experience.

SniperControl923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

I second that, DC is is a great racer, one of the best this gen so far.

Dont listen to all the fanboy dribble out there, it's a truly outstanding game, especially for the price it is.

bouzebbal923d ago

more people will witness how great this game is. i haven't played it in a while but gonna get back to it after bloodborne is done.

Army_of_Darkness923d ago

Might as well buy the full game for a discounted price rather than wait for this PS+ edition cause it looks like 90% of the game needs to be unlocked.
I'm just waiting for that $30 price point.

SolidStoner923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

DC was great looking and all.. but as a sim racing fan, I didnt like the handling and physics, tuning also very limited, will wait for GT7 while playing GT6 or PC sims..

my personal choice and opinion!

EDIT: also since I sold my copy of DC, I would be very happy to get back to it.. it had some amazing, best looking tracks I ever played in any racing game!

Joe913923d ago

@Army_of_Darkness Just checked online walmart has it online for 31.10 might pick it up myself.

hasamalaha923d ago

The game has been sub $30 multiple times. Gamestop even had it for $20 (new) at one point.

Army_of_Darkness922d ago

I'm in Canada and have yet to see it drop to $30... I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a weekend sale for DC on psn??

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Spider-Man923d ago

agree awesome game love yes it had few problems at the start but they said sorry on it and did so much to bring it up to what it was to be best racer 2 day for me...

lelo2play923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

PS+ version of Driveclub is a little too late. Hype for it is completely gone and gamers have more interesting games to play.
Sony really screwed this one. They should be offering the full version of the game with PS+ by now.

wegetsignalx917d ago

Driveclub is still a great racing game especially after all the new content and features.

sonerone923d ago

Would be happy with half price season pass :) in

rezzah923d ago

Season pass is already an amazing deal. $25 for extra vehicles, tracks, etc that's worth $50 or more.

InMyOpinion923d ago

They could've at least put up a demo version of it.

Conzul922d ago

Share play does not come even close to representing the visual quality of a game like this.

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Septic923d ago

Almost a year delay but we're getting there.

DeadlyOreo923d ago

Another one of Septic's fine comments. Great contribution bro.

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The story is too old to be commented.