Square Enix: FF XIV & Dragon Quest X Making "Favourable" Progress; NA & EU Markets "Oligopolisitc"

Square Enix are pleased with the progress they are making in the MMO space, but admit that they'll be reforming their business strategy for an increasingly competitive North America and Europe.

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DonkeyDoner1309d ago

E3 DQX for WW release date confirmed

3-4-51309d ago

* Any kind of Dragon Quest news that isn't a mobile game is great news to me.

* Hoping for:

* Dragon Quest 7 - 3DS localization

* Dragon Quest 11 announcement

* Dragon Quest 12 announcement

^ I believe that have a handheld & Console DQ game in the works. DQ9 was released in 2010 (3DS), it's a bit overdue.

* Dragon Quest 10 - I'm not really looking to play an MMO, but I would definitely play this one just because I want more Dragon Quest and this is well.....more Dragon Quest.....technically the best looking Dragon Quest game too.

* I'm just hoping it's not Dragon Quest Heroes news only.

I appreciate the game exists, but it's not for me, and probably not what most Dragon Quest fans want to play.

Sly-Lupin1308d ago

You/we are in for so much disappointment.

stragomccloud1309d ago

I love Final Fantasy XIV so much. Best MMO since FFXI, and FFXI was the best. FFXI is still better than XIV in some ways; however, with it winding down, XIV has finally become a worthy replacement.

Simco8761309d ago

Bring DQX to PS4, then it's a for sure buy for me.

ZaWarudo1309d ago

I actually had to google what Oligopolistic means.