Rumor: Xbox One Windows 10 Phone App Gets Leaked Shots

Screenshots may have been leaked for the Xbox One Windows 10 App for phones. Microsoft announced that new apps will be coming for further Xbox One and Windows integration back in January alongside their game streaming service.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

"Now you can chat online with your friends, you choose your own profile picture, all their achievements in one place and find a new friend."

Some great stuff in there.

982d ago
BillytheBarbarian982d ago

Need to see some Joe Montana football 16 leaks. For a game coming out in July it's been a real secret.

Dlacy13g982d ago

The more I see from windows 10 phone....the more I am considering ditching Android.

mcstorm982d ago

I have been using windows phone for years now and I have to say it has done nothing but get better and better each revision. I think Windows Phone 10 is starting to look amazing. I ran the beta on my phone for a bit but it did not work with my Microsoft band so I rolled back to 8.1 but I am really liking what Microsoft are starting to do with their software.

Naga982d ago

My Windows Phone OS is the first OS that I have actually loved.

headblackman982d ago

ive always been an android man. looks like im going to get a windows phone for my sec line :)

win 10 pc rig (when it comes out)
xbox one
surface pro 3 tablet
and soon a windows phone

everything will be connected :)

Moldiver982d ago

I find myself in a similar predicament.

My gaming/media PC will be running W10 , day one.My DAW PC will be running W10 once music tech manufacturers roll out their updates. I will need to wait for W10 drivers for my pro tools HDX cards and my music production software along with my control surface, and MIDI controller keyboard. luckily these companies release updated drivers within days/weeks of an OS launch or update (depends on the software complexity). But My gaming PC will be fine though.

Then of course there is my xbox. The center of my gaming set up.

So, I may aswell get a Windows phone to complement all of that. Xbox-PC-phone. Im not ditching my IPad though. Too many DAW companion apps that I need in my iPad, that are not on surface.

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