AirMech Arena available for free now on Xbox One

Neil writes "Ubisoft and Carbon Games have brought AirMech Arena to Xbox One... and it's completely free to download!"

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traumadisaster981d ago

Found this gem awhile back when surfing the 360 store and was floored how good it was. Immediately went to steam and it was there and played it in 4k.

Had no idea it was coming to x1, for free. This is a fun game.

Automatic79981d ago

Xbox One has been on a roll with these free to play titles. Recently dungeons and Dragon Never winter, Happy Wars and Now Air Mech Arena.

Moldiver981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Neverwinter, man....That game sucks up my gaming time, easy!I actually decided to lay off it for a few days. Fantastic game...but very distracting when you have other things to do.

But my hunter ranger is like a cross between a ninja and hawkeye from avengers...atleast I think so...they hate me in PVP, though!

Good to see this get ported over. loved it on X360. And where the hell is world of tanks!?

G20WLY981d ago

Yeah, this is free on PS+ too and it's pretty fast-paced fun.

Right now, I'm not sure how long I'll be playing it for before I get bored, but I'll give it a fair crack that's for sure!

For a free game, you've definitely got to have a go :)

3-4-5980d ago

* Closest game to Herzog Zwei.

It's not quite as good, but it's a solid game.

Free ? Even better.

tgunzz981d ago

This game is pretty fun.

UltraAtomic980d ago

:) I love how x1 users like never winter! Wait until they play DC Universe online.