Joystiq eyes-on: Fat Princess

Joystiq writes: "The easiest way to describe Fat Princess for PSN is to say it's Team Fortress 2 populated by demented My Sims. It's a multiplayer "capture the flag" game, except that the flag is a princess who is more difficult to carry back to base the more the opposing team feeds her cake, which magically grows in the forest around the castle.

The action takes place in a colorful fantasy land where opposing teams need to reach the other's base, grab their princess and get back to the castle. The princess will lose the weight if she's not constantly fed, so if a team focuses on just combat instead of feeding the princess, the opposing team will have an easier time carrying her away once they inevitably infiltrate the castle."

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slave2Dcontroller3776d ago

Seem to be making some BIG FAT Impressions. Who would've thunk

thereapersson3776d ago

This game came out of left field but is impressing many people

Montrealien3776d ago

I can't wait for this one! looks like Multiplayer madness! :D

lagoonalight3775d ago

joystick just cant help but compare every PS3 game to something else

I mean the last sentence is ridiculous

PimpHandHappy3775d ago

i hope ppl get into it because i would like to buy this game and have fun online feeding that fat whore!

PSN really is showing some REALLY good stuff!