Yooka-Laylee Reaches £1.5 Million - New Stretch Goal is Payback Time

Looks like the recent announcement of the new Yooka-Laylee character, Trowzer, gave the Kickstarter the final push it needed to surpass its final stretch goal of £1.5 million. Wow! It just never stops. So they’ve put up a new stretch goal: ‘£2,000,000– Payback Time!’ If they reach this, they will continue to make DLC after the game is released, which will be free to all backers. More Yooka-Laylee! Some might criticise this new trend of promising DLC before the game has even come out, but they emphasise the point of focusing entirely on finishing the game first. What do you think of the success of Yooka-Laylee?

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DarkOcelet949d ago

I am confused, so those who will buy the game, will they get the dlc for free also???

breakpad949d ago

i think this is overdone ..i hope they deliver at lest a game and dont end up a scandal like Molyneaux...

Summons75949d ago


If you read their message it says. When the game has been finished...and only when it has been finished...will we work on DLC.

addictedtochaos949d ago

No, only if you backed the Kickstarter campaign.

Cra2yey3949d ago

They should just stop with the goals, they are getting carried away...

rezzah949d ago

Goals always help push for more backers, and people like to see goals.

Summons75949d ago

I kinda agree, after this one they should stop.

thunderbird86949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Goals are a good thing. That way you don't end up as a 40 year old man, living in your mom's basement.

948d ago
rezzah949d ago

I'm considering getting the digital copy, I'd enjoy playing a 90's style platform game (nostalgia).

greenmiker949d ago

I am wondering if Bloodstained will reach those kickstarter numbers.

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