Top 10 Xbox Platformers

Running and jumping on Microsoft's original console. When it comes to 3D platform games, Microsoft had more than their fair share. Considering it's a dying genre, I thought I'd put together a list of the best platformers ever released for the Xbox. If you're ready... let's jump in!

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AngelicIceDiamond1287d ago

Psychonauts was timed on Xbox and ported to PS2. Aww the days where these things didn't matter a whole bunch.

I thought Ty was a PS2 exclusive. Good list despite these games are multiplats.

Heres hoping platformers make a grand return.

VideoChums1287d ago

Thanks! I hope 3D platformers come back, too. By the way, all three Ty games were on Xbox. Also, four of the games on the list are Xbox-exclusive.

christocolus1287d ago

MS needs to bring back Kameo

OhMyGandhi1286d ago

I thought I was one of the few that actually really enjoyed Kameo.

Wow. Just realized how few platformers graced the system. Voodoo Vince was amazing as well.

Here's to hoping that Rare gets back to making the kinds of games they are known for.