The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOG Version Leaked On Torrent Sites, Please Don't Pirate It

Love The Witcher series of games? If you support CD Projekt Red for numerous causes, one of which is offering DRM-free versions of their games on GOG, then this news is going to leave you sad. We are still 7 days away from the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is scheduled for May 19. Yet, I've learned today that the full game is already leaked to torrents.

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DarkOcelet1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Even if its pirated, the console versions will sell and they will make profits. And so will the PC version.

I cant remember a game from the last decade that haven't been released as a torrent.

And its been Pre-ordered over 1 million times so its all good.

SourtreeDing1225d ago

tsk sad this has to happen...

Thank you PC version and this is why many console games dont come to that platform..

DarkOcelet1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

And what will you say when the PS4 gets Jailbroken or when the Xone gets Jtagged? Don't blame it on them when its bound to happen everywhere.

All you can do is simply support the devs. And i am gonna be honest here when i say that some devs do deserve to get their games pirated because of their dlc/microtransactions practices.

And i am sure CDPR will get tons of support from their PC fanbase. Those guys are awesome.

T9001225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


On the contrary i see more and more games making it to the PC. Specially those that we would have never expected last gen to be on the PC:

MGS 5, WWE, MK X. PC is gaining more and more support which shows the sales are there.

Piracy is always a problem, but so is second hand game sales, renting on consoles or getting jail broken.

BTW Witcher series has sold over 6 million units(this was back in 2013 must have sold more till date) on the PC. Its because of the PC you are getting Witcher 3 to begin with:

SourtreeDing1225d ago


Bc we know pirating was a problem with PS3/ 360. right...

it wasnt even that bad on 360 console pirating isnt a big deal... atleast ot as big as PC


you can say the same to PC games coming to Console goto bed

T9001225d ago


You are acting just as your name suggests.

I never claimed consoles not to be popular. Consoles too are gaining games they never had a gen or so ago. Good for all platforms.

Big_Game_Hunters1225d ago

Excet this is originally a PC franchise and PC gamers should be "thanking" console versions for holding back this game.

cmgs1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Ps3 and xbox 360 versions of games leak a lot more than anything on pc. At least it's not possible to use a flash card on pc unlike supposed "loyal console fans" do.

johndoe112111225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

No idea why you're getting disagrees. More and more devs who used to be pc only are now releasing on consoles, in some cases they release on consoles first. It's also the reason devs and console manufacturers feel they need to try and screw us with drm.

We all like to think that they are the bad ones and gamers hands are clean but the truth is we have a major part to play in that. We criticise devs for drm in games but then when a dev that supports gamers refuses to use it we screw them over by pirating their merchandise.

If cdprojekt released their next game with drm pc gamers would turn into rabid dogs and bash the hell out of them. There is no winning. Fortunately not all gamers will be this unethical but the ones who are are making it bad for everyone.


Fortunately consoles are harder to hack than pc's and updates can generally help remove cheaters and hackers.

That's utter crap. To this day no one has been able to fully emulate ps3 games. Ps3 emulators are limited in functionality and ps3 games are no where close to being leaked as pc games. There is not a single torrent site you can go on and find more ps3 games than pc games. Sitting there and lying about something that can easily be proven false by a six second Google search is asinine.

Aloren1225d ago

@SourtreeDing and why is it that many PC games don't come to consoles ?

badz1491225d ago

I don't get the mentality of

"some devs deserve their games to be pirated"

that's just BS! you don't want to give them money yet you still want to play their game? WTF kinda entitlement is that? more like spoiled brats I must say! pirating a game for that reason just shows that you're nothing but a hypocrite!

bottom line is, there is really no innocent reason to pirate a game in this day and age where you can get your hands on any game from so many sources legally. sure some devs are taking things to the extreme with their shoddy practices lately but they deserve their games to not be bought, not pirated!

I am taking a stance myself. no matter how much I love to play a game, but if the dev decide to stab our backs with these slimy DLC or Season Pass practices, I just decide not to buy them at all or wait for the inevitable GoTY or Complete or enhanced or whatever they decide to call it that contains all the DLCs later. any game can wait! no exception

hay1225d ago

Well, it's simple. Buy if you want even better Witcher 4, pirate if you want to end your pleasure on the third one.

Haki11121224d ago

SourtreeDing forgets that witcher WAS A PC GAME TO BEGIN WITH they must be doing something right if all those pirates are buying enough copies to make part 2 and 3 lol

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Erik73571225d ago

Youuuu pirates always justify you're plundering! 💀

DarkOcelet1225d ago

So stating a fact makes me a pirate??

Ok cool...

Whitefeather1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

So because developers do something you don't agree with they deserve to have their work stolen? Nice logic.

Edit: Please explain how any of that is you being robbed?

Evolve they're shitty skins that are there for people who want them. Does Starbucks rob you when they sell overpriced coffee?

MKX: the microtranscations have nothing to do with the actual gameplay. It's there for people who don't want to input the full fatality code. How is that you being robbed?

Batman: the dlc includes a campaign with a full new character with motion captured animations and full voice acting. You think that stuff is cheap? You are not being robbed in any sense of the word.

DarkOcelet1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

So are you telling me you are ok with all the crap some of the greedy devs and publishers are giving us?

(Evolve Lazy skins and MKX microtransactions or the Arkham Knight Season Pass)

They are doing that to themselves my friend. I am not ok with people pirating games but at the same time, i am not ok with developers and publisher robbing us blind with their practices.


What about Harley Quinn's Pre Order dlc? Thats a day 1 dlc that people who will buy the game without pre ordering will be locked out from playing them. Thats despicable.

Whitefeather1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Again Harley is a separate character done as a preorder incentive. It was never part of the main game. They make these things on the side to help the game sell. How is it affecting your gameplay as batman if you can't play Harley?

Edit typo

DarkOcelet1225d ago

What about those people who will buy the game? Dont they get to enjoy the full experience?

Those dlc should be unlockables in the game my friend. We should not be defending such a blatant practice.

freshslicepizza1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

it's a never ending debate because people will always try and find ways to validate it. at the end of the day they will do it because they can and there is no hard numbers that prove how many would buy it if they had no other option.

the facts are this, it costs real money to create theses games and if they don't receive real money they stop making them. you cannot have a sustainable marketplace with just freeloaders.


"What about those people who will buy the game? Dont they get to enjoy the full experience?"

yes they do and because they bought the game they have rights to that. those who don't buy it don't have any rights at all.

"Those dlc should be unlockables in the game my friend. We should not be defending such a blatant practice."

fine, then don't buy the game if that is how you feel. that does not grant you any rights to still play it for free. tell them how you feel about it. vote with your wallet. you are trying to combine two very different situations to validate one over the other.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I already own the game on GoG so I might as well get an early version of the torrent if it lets me play earlier :)

I don't support piracy hence why I buy my games and nothing on my PC is pirated. But I can't wait anymore to play this game lol mind you I did the same thing with Watch dogs I had it paid for alrdy and played it early via the torrent copies.

Edit: Oh nvm the game is still not playable til launch so I'll stick with my GoG preload upto 21% atm.

starchild1225d ago

Yeah, that's the one exception I would consider ok. If you've already paid for it like we have it wouldn't really be stealing. Although we would be getting it before the devs had planned for us to. Still, the console versions are already in some people's hands so I don't see how it would be such a big deal.

But, as you say, it's still not playable anyway so it's pointless to download it. Might as well wait for the official preload and when the game unlocks.

Volkama1225d ago

Curious, how have they made it unplayable? No DRM is a CDPR hallmark, so it's surprising. Maybe a file missing, or maybe you just need to change your local system time to 19th :)

Thunder_G0d_Bane1225d ago


It's missing files needed to run the game, these wont be released until CD project choose to release em.

Thats why I'll just stick with my GoG preload, I just cant wait to play this game its AGONY!

joab7771225d ago

Still bull$!/# if you do.

Seriously. If you pirate a game by a device that chose to go next gen and pour their heart and souls into a game that offers 100+ hrs, then you are scum.

This game is worth every penny, and we wanna see.more games by devs like this, we need to support them spend $60 on an amazing experience that's worth 3x that.

Otherwise, it will soon be games made by huge corps only, spreading broken products, microtransactions etc.

3-4-51225d ago

* People who really want a game, will pay for it full price, or wait a bit until price drops, but they will actually buy the product.

ravencry1225d ago

This article is Clickbait.

No crack is released. It's just a pre-load files from GOG.

No one can play it

Orbilator1225d ago

See you went and checked I out though lmao

noprin1225d ago

quote from the developer on the torrent sites :
"On May the 19th CDPR will release a 1.01 patch that will contain numerous fixes and an exe file. This file will be available from the Galaxy Client (need not login/sign up, just have the client up and running with the preload files imported). Alternatively, you can download the patch from and just run it.

This will be available to everybody, not just people who bought the game.

Having said that, I would really like to encourage you buying the game. Firstly, it goes toward my salary (I work at the company), which you may probably not care about.

Secondly, if you own the game, you will receive 16 free DLCs which contain tons of cool stuff, including new quest lines, item sets, game modes etc.

The game costs 32$ on And for that 32$ you will get so much gaming content it will boggle your mind. Seriously. I am involved in the development process and me, as well as hundreds of people who have literally worked their assess off for the last couple of months (some serious overtime came into making Witcher 3). And I am telling you: this ain't an 8-hour corridor stunt for 60 bucks. This is a game as huge as Skyrim itself, perhaps even bigger.

I really do hope you enjoy the game, no matter if you buy it or not. I will however really, personally appreciate if you purchase it."

Orbilator1225d ago

I remember the old days.
I bought a game called hook on my Amiga back in the day. My friends all laughed coz they got it pirated for a couple of quid.

Wasn't till you were quite a way in that the copy protection showed its head. There was a small cup missing from the table. And without it you could not progress. My friends all went mad thinking game was broken. And loads of people wrote in to cuamiga stating that, it was very funny reading the reply that they were using a pirated versions

I think this would be a great idea on the witcher, a little security check 15 - 20 hours in lol. Just delete an essential character and watch the support forum fill up with people hanging themselves lmao.

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illgamer1225d ago

It is always better to wait for the official release to get better tech support and ease of updates.

Erik73571225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Let's show them even more support by letting everyone know about this with a article!!!

crazytechfanatic1225d ago

Only to make people aware of the situation. Would you rather live in ignorance?

Games4Gamers1225d ago

what in gods name are you talking about?

Erik73571225d ago

Common sense tells me that there will be a pirated version available for this game.....don't need a article to inform me and not be "ignorant" about it...

kraenk121225d ago

The leaked version is not playable so the article is nonsense anyway!

Paytaa1225d ago

CD Projekt Red deserves all the money heading their way. They have a very bright future and I hope they stay independent because their mindset on the industry is far better than any gaming publisher currently out there.

crazytechfanatic1225d ago

Agreed. Pre-ordered the game on Day 1.

dj3boud1225d ago

Technically.. You cant do that. You cant preorder on day 1, you buy it.

joab7771225d ago

This game was not cheap to make. And consoles don't have a huge base right now. Yes, it has PC, but not if everyone steals it.

Paytaa1225d ago

Actually the development costs were significantly low in comparison to games in similar nature. CDPR worked amazingly well with their budget. I wouldn't be surprised if The Witcher 3 alone outsells TW1 and TW2 combined.

GreetingsfromCanada1225d ago

They listened to their bank accounts and released it on consoles. Even though it will be torrentsed millions of times, cash is a comin boys.