Bioshock returns

That Gaming Site have publsihed an article about exclusivity of Bioshock 2.

This leads me onto the next topic. With all this support it seems that the studio are getting on well with PS3, so will Bioshock 2 be a simultaneous launch?


It seems some people have taken this out of context. That Gaming Site has update to rid all confusion. That now reads..

This leads me onto the next topic. With all this support it seems that the studio are getting on well with PS3, so will Bioshock 2 be a simultaneous launch as the 360 version?

The link has broken here it is again

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ThatCanadianGuy3771d ago

*Hear's cue and come's running*


no but in all seriousness,it wouldnt surprise me if it did.

pow3r of t3h c3ll3771d ago

I may have clicked disagree cow moolester but yes you are technically correct LOL

Seraphemz3771d ago

If it does happen, will it be as huge as Final Fantasy going to XBOX?

I mean I know that BIOSHOCK is already coming, but SIMULTANEOUS seems a bit more serious than getting it almost a year later.

Mr_cheese3771d ago

I wouldn't say as big as FF, that was a Sony franchise for years, so pritty big effect when it comes to both. I would say its more of a UT3 or something along that line.

FreeMonk3771d ago

hopefully it will arrive on both consoles at the same time. Everyone, just like Final Fantasy 13, deserves to play a class A game like the Bioshock series.

It's a shame when you are restricted to games just because of the desision of your purchase of choice.

More than likely though, with Microsoft they way they are, there will some sort of 6 month exclusivity to Bioshock 2. They probably had something in place since the original Bioshock.

I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough!!

MazzingerZ3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Not really, Bioshock didn't even released exclusively on the X360 as there was a PC version too and now a PS3 version as we are not talking about a exclusive franchise during years completely identify with MSFT like for example Halo....and now Gears

Bioshock 2 is now in sale as a time-exclusive to the best bidder (only MSFT will pay for that, already did probably)...I'm sure Bioshock 2 will release first on the X360 and then on the PS3.

I don't see any impact on PS3 sales because of that....FFXIII on the X360 will neither have any big impact on PS3 sales, great adquisition for X360 owners but people getting a console to play FFXIII is getting a PS3 anyway...why?

because if you like FF then you are hardcore gamer = well informed about other games coming to PS3 = well informed about X360 version being a PC port = You've enjoyed FF games on PS why to try anything else = You know any potential exclusive XBL DLC is just BS like GTAIV's...isn't? no one knows yet what it is or if it will come out...only an idiot would buy a console for DLC that no one knows what it will be.

kazuma3771d ago

someone forgot to put this on the PC section, cause that's where i'm playing bioshock 2

Spydr073771d ago

No where near as big as FF...Bioshock didn't even sell 2 million.

Jamaicangmr3771d ago

Are you sure i could've sworn that i saw somewhere that it sold 2.2million.

dkgshiz3771d ago

Why wouldn't it? I mean the 1st one is, so is the 2nd one.

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The story is too old to be commented.