6 Cities that would make a great 'Fallout 4'

With a new Fallout rumored to be on the way, we take a look at possible cities that would make a great Fallout.

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Yi-Long1314d ago

None of the mentioned cities in the article appeal to me, to be honest, and that's mostly because they'll just be American/western cities AGAIN, and I've seen those settings more than enough TBH. Go for something a bit more original, like Seoul, or a Japanese city we haven't seen before, or even the many islands of Indonesia and introduce screwed up wildlife. Shenzhen, Shanghai or Chengdu (China) would be nice as well.

If they have to do a western city, then make it Madrid or Barcelona or another South-European city, or go for a South-American city like Rio.

I know they probably won't take the Fallout series out of the USA, but unless they can come up with a real original vision, I have pretty much seen enough American cities in video games for a while.

Tuxmask551314d ago

America is a physically large country and there is much of it that hasn't been explored or even mentioned in Fallout yet -- especially when you consider that all of Canada counts as part of the USA in this video game.

To your point, however, it could be interesting to see an international locale such as Rio De Janeiro (Fallout: Amazon), Paris (Fallout: Eurozone), or something Asian (Fallout: The Three Kingdoms).

Swiggins1314d ago

The problem is that the Fallout series is centered around 50's Americana and the Vault Program (also integral to the series) only takes place in America.

So unless they do a retcon, we'll likely never see a Fallout game taking place on foreign least not a main title anyway.

CourierSix1313d ago

The Fallout universe is American. It belongs in America and should stay there. Anywhere else would be weird.

-Foxtrot1314d ago

I'd love London but they'll never take it out of America.

Something like

Khajiit861314d ago

London would be sweet, and any big city in Asia would be amazing as well.

ravinash1314d ago

I don't remember the Thames being that straight and st Pauls being just down the road from Parliament.
Sorry, I'm being a bit a**l... it would make a cool setting.

ironcrow23861314d ago

i was under the impression that boston was confirmed or has that now been scrapped??

Khajiit861314d ago

They needed to write something. I believe it was confirmed to be Boston, at E3 it will be official.

RedSoakedSponge1314d ago

LONDON! I think we need more games set in good old England :)

TrenchaunT1314d ago

Boston is the last place I would ever want Fallout to go. But I've given up on expecting anything great from Bethesda's Fallout.

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The story is too old to be commented.