Dreamcast Classic Grandia II heading to PC via Steam

Cult classic Japanese RPG Grandia II is to make its way to PC and Steam, as confirmed by Gamespot, who spoke to current franchise rights owners GungHo Online Entertainment.

According to Gamespot, the game will be based on the Dreamcast version of the title from way back in 2000. It'll run at a higher resolution while also supporting mouse and keyboard and gamepad, plus Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

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Relientk77922d ago

One of the best JRPGs of all time, definitely in my top

moldybread922d ago

yes, this is great news. hope they give it at least a touch up. nice to see more and more japanese support on the pc. valkyria chronicles was also a nice surprise even though i still own it on my ps3.

DevilOgreFish922d ago

Grandia II was on pc long ago but this is still nice, supporting higher resolutions and steam features.

OmegaShen922d ago

Wish it would get a HD remaster, I still have the Dreamcast copy with soundtrack.

shloobmm3922d ago

I still have that also. Loved that soundtrack.

Lindenn922d ago

OMG yes, I would have preferred a HD remaster on Current and last gen consoles but maybe if this sells well on steam itll get a console release as well. TAKE MY MONEY FOR GRANDIA 2 DC VERSION!

TheColbertinator922d ago

What an honor. One of my all time favorites

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The story is too old to be commented.