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Long anticipated and frequently delayed, Project CARS is a crowd funded racing simulator game, akin to Gran Turismo and the Forza series. However it tries to go a little further than these games, promising the most technically advanced racing experience on the PlayStation 4. Can it live up to that claim?

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frenchtoast925d ago

obviously has potential but not as good as GT or Forza.

u4one924d ago

if its better than forza its better than gt, cuz forza started being better than gt years ago.

MaximusTKG924d ago

I would definitely say from my perspective so far that Project CARS is better than forza and GT. I say this because so far no racing game has created the amount of tension through every pass or slight mistake. If you do make a mistake you know exactly what you did wrong. Forza always had the slight air of being able to fix your mistake a bit too easily.

mitford925d ago

best racing game ive played

TRU3_GAM3R924d ago

best looking racing sim.
enjoying it so far

ironmonkey924d ago

its a good sim for the summer. now all i need is to get a good quality steering wheel.

u4one924d ago

in that same boat. thought about the fanatec build your own hub system but man... you're into a grand by the time you have it working... too much for me.

MaximusTKG924d ago

I got the go ahead from the boss (wife) to build a wheel/seat combo. My budget was $400. Needless to say I did not get anything because anything decent is a $600 setup