Club Nintendo slashes the prices of physical rewards

Without any sort of announcement on Nintendo’s part, it appears that the prices of physical rewards on Club Nintendo have been reduced.

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MrSwankSinatra1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

this is BS, I could have gotten that messenger bag and the puzzle if they would've done this from the beginning. I wanted all the zelda rewards, but I only was able to get the 3DS game card case, pouch and puzzle.

admiralvic1261d ago

Tell me about it. I got the puzzle, pouch, messenger bag, cards, three poster sets and 6 digital games, but if I had waited I could have saved roughly 1,000 coins.

3-4-51260d ago

Hmmm....Still have 300 coins to spend.

Was either going to get Golden Sun or Yoshi's Island GBA......might get that pouch now though.

wonderfulmonkeyman1260d ago

No complaints on my end.
I was short by a bit for that messenger bag before, but I was just barely able to afford it now, thanks to the price drop.

hellothere19771260d ago

They give free stuff away as free rewards. Still people start bitching about how unfair it is to them and they DESERVE refunds/adjustments. Lmao, if you were too stupid to see that an eventual slash in the cost of points for items, then I don't know what to say to you.

They were nice enough to even lower the price to get stuff for those that chose to hang on to their points for a bit longer to anticipate this. Still, you entitled bitches whine about how bad the company is. Yeah, they could have just avoided this and be like american companies who would rip apart unsold clothing to throw it away rather than give it to the poor.

You people are crap and deserve nothing from anyone.

DeadManMMX1260d ago

I still have a little over 1000 coins and im waiting ill the last days.