Another Exclusive Remastering Is The Last Thing The Xbox One Needs

Pixel Gate UK ponders over why Microsoft are so willing to invest in exclusive remasterings for the Xbox One:

''The rumors have been floating around for some time now, but it seems Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is real. Microsoft’s Xbox One will play host to a new version of the classic 360 title, but is it really what Xbox One owners want to hear? Or even play?

However way you spin it, both the PS4 and Xbox One have hardly got a exclusive games library truly worth boasting about. The scales have shifted towards the PS4 in recent times, mostly due to the brilliant Bloodborne, but there’s hardly a wealth of ‘killer apps’ on either system. The likes of Ryse & The Order 1886 failed to make a impact beyond looking pretty and Titanfall turned out to be a flash in the pan success. Killzone and Second Son were met with various amounts of success, but never truly felt like the ‘big’ titles many were expecting them to be.''

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Jalva1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

From my experience the Gears of War games are extremely boring, I just don't know what people see in them, bland cover based shooting with dudebro characters and forced emotions, but to each their own and all that.

hello121290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Boring do you play alone? Have you know online friends? Boring is the last thing Gears of War is get real.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is real. Microsoft’s Xbox One will play host to a new version of the classic 360 title, but is it really what Xbox One owners want to hear?

Who you talking to? Gears fans would gladly play a Gears 1 remake for the x box one if the next gears is not out till 2016

Gears 1 is not replacing the new game so its not a big deal.

rdgneoz31290d ago

"Boring do you play alone? Have you know online friends?"

Grammar / spelling?

As for the remake, it should be a good way to pass the time till the next Gears game in 2016 or so.

BiggerBoss1290d ago

I sort of agree and disagree with you. Gears is definitely alot of fun IF youre playing with friends, but I find the SP to be lacking in a lot of ways, mostly creative criticisms.

On the topic of remastering, I think it would be a mistake to remaster ONLY Gears 1 after setting the bar so high with MCC. If it has multiplayer from 1-3, then it starts to look more attractive. I also would hope that they give it the same sort of graphical treatment as Halo 2 anniversary.

darthv721290d ago

Remasters work exceptionally well when they are collections. As in the jak collection, ratchet collection, sly collection, master chief collection....

you feel like you get your $$ worth when the remasters are delivered in a compilation / collection.

LexHazard791290d ago

Even alone its still a blast!

4Sh0w1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I'd buy a Gears 1 remake for my X1 in a heartbeat.

A 1-3 collection would be ideal but trust me for many gamers Gears is considered 1 of the best new shooter IPs from last gen, actually cant think of what new shooter IP from last gen most would consider better and its of course among the very best in the genre from any generation= so having the original with upgrades on my X1 is a no brainer.

Eonjay1290d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Gears fans would gladly get the remaster. God of War fans will gladly get the remaster.

But this represents an opportunity for Microsoft. It can't cost much to remaster this game so why not make it the next bundle and get more players on board for Gears 4. Sony should (but probably won't) do the same for GOW4.

umair_s511289d ago

I never played it , so either way I am getting it. ....

sonarus1289d ago

GOW was fantastic when it first came out. The second one as well. However i feel replaying this game would be a bit dated but perhaps the enhancements will be more significant

kreate1289d ago

I have all the gears of war. Willing to play online w anyone Right now or anytime.

That being said, I only bought and played gears only becuz everyone else said its so good.

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WCxAlchemist1290d ago

YOU havent played Gears this is obvious by your statement!! You can call Gears alot of things but Boring is not one

TheDevKit1290d ago

That's nice and all but a lot of people find them fun and would like to see a remaster.

rivencleft1289d ago

I've never gotten to play a Gears game, owned the 360 for a short while but now owning the Xbox One I'd love to see them remaster Gears 1-3 so I can finally play it. Halo MCC was the first time I played Halo and I love the SP campaigns, play it with my wife all the time. There are a ton of people out there like me that have never touched certain games, like Gears, Halo, etc. so I think remasters are a great way for newcomers to experience such amazing games. I don't see the issue with remasters, don't like it, don't buy it, but other people, like myself will.

Kingscorpion711290d ago

I believe Gears of war and Halo is what keeps Microsoft Xbox relevant. I just think its getting a little stale since these games comes out every generation now.

darthv721290d ago

As stale as say...Gran Tourismo???

I kid, I kid....

I do like the GT games but you know you got something that works when people expect a new release within a timely manner.

It's why you have people who are excited for the GT7 and the FM6 game info. just as there are fans waiting for more info on halo 5 and a possible Gears 4 (a real sequel).

you can't please everybody but you can certainly please those who are fans of these series.

LexHazard791289d ago

You must be new to gaming. Alot of game franchises go cross gen, its been happening like idk forever it

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

So PS fanbase only care about new stuff. No wonder the classic IP aren't coming back aside from Gran Turismo from PS1

WilDRangeRfc1289d ago

Killzone,Uncharted and GOW do exactly the same

Kingscorpion711289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I'm a PC gamer. Why are you talking about ps4 games? What does that got to do with anything lol What about the Last of us? What about BloodBorne? Two new IPs and masterpieces. Like I said this is coming from a PC gamer

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Darkwatchman1290d ago

I don't like the first, but the next 2 were great with the third game in particular being one of my favorite games of the last generation

WilDRangeRfc1289d ago

Best MP was 3.Best campaign/singleplayer was 1 by far

user74029311290d ago

i agree, thats why i never bought a xbox i never liked those gears games, but you will have people who just cannot accept you saying anything and i mean anything bad abut gears of war because you will get eaten alive savagely.

Aloren1289d ago

You really "never buy a console" cause of a game you don't like ? that's stupid.

wakeNbake1289d ago

No your just the biggest Sony troll on the site.

TheCommentator1289d ago

No, not eaten alive savagely. You will have a grenade stuck to you as you get kicked back over to your friends though. You must have confused Gears with Left 4 Dead.

Lukebb911290d ago

After investing so much time in the games, books and comics i feel like your comment has been a personal attack on me lol nah i dont care because you have your own opinion however i strongly disagree throughout all of the gears consumables there is a very well told story. The dude bro thing was an unessecary statement In a lot of ways the games play like the comics stories unfold with short dialogue that mostly hits a relevant mark but lacks depth i accept that but the books are very good.

Quite recently rod had an intrerview with oxm i think and he explained how gears was never planned as a game with sequels, it was meant to be a one time thing that was left with an ending you imagined, after its success 2 and 3 where pushed out to praise judgment was ok but as far as gears goes its MP is the only major kick in the teeth fans have really had.

WeAreLegion1289d ago

Dude... The campaigns in Gears 2/3 are excellent!

Lukebb911289d ago

I think all of them are excellent, i always liked how RAMM's shadow managed to make minhs death have a bigger impact.

700p1289d ago

Gears is one of the best third person shooters out there, their multiplayer is also one of the best. SO pls.

StrayaKNT1289d ago

But I'm guessing you think uncharted and the order aren't boring? Lol gears of war is the best games from last gen go get a xbox and try them before you talk dude.

You actually need to skill to play these games.

Skankinruby1289d ago

While millions will definitely disagree with you i surely dont. Played gears 1 and 2 and watched my brother go through 3, I'm sorry but they're generic garbage. Muscle heads with idiotic dialogue and a bland silly attempt at a storyline is just laughable to me. If you can't compose a complete sentence defending a game without using the words 'online' or 'multiplayer' then it says very little about the game. But like you said, to each their own.

Pogmathoin1289d ago

Bland cover based...... Troll giveaway.....

Sayai jin1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Jalva get a clue.

Ridiculous article too. Site voted on.

showtimefolks1289d ago

Tell me again how long has ps4 she Xbox one been in the market? Yes that's what I thought. If you look at both consoles than they have really delivered a lot more than any past console launches in history

Look at wiiu it took years for some games to come out yet both ms and Sony launched and supprted the consoles well

dead rising 3
drive club
forza 5
state of decay
the order 1886
forza horizon
halo collection
the last of us
gta 5

3rd party

Farcry 4
Ac unity
Ac unity

And this doesn't even include indie titles

Now on topic

If you don't like remaster than just skip them. There aew people who never plated gears,last of us or some who waited for next Gen versions of these games

I would love to play gears of war 1-3

Mass effect trilogy
legacy of kain
god of war

Guess what no one is forcing us to buy the remaster

Stop complaint about everything

Majority of the times the remaster are being find by otger,studios who use this opportunity to sink their teeth and learn next Gen tech

So it's not all negative

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nicksetzer11290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I disagree entirely with the point, I actually like some of the remakes, and as of yet none have caused delay with new releases. What is weird though, why does he just mention MS as if they are the only ones making remasters? (When they actually have the least first/second party remakes)

Halo MCC, maybe gears and state of decay hardly makes an unreasonable amount of remasters Of first/second party games.

Heck, Sony has GOW3, TLOU, tearaway, journey, flower, and possibly an uncharted collection.

Nintendos whole first year was filled with remakes like dark siders. Not to mention their handheld consoles almost always thrive on remakes. (Not to say there aren't new titles)

Not only that, other PUBLISHERS that aren't console maufacturers have been pushing out remasters.

The problem arises when there is not enough new. Remakes are not bad And ALL 3 systems have plenty of games, on top of a few remakes.

@pixelgate it is only a post "about xbox" because you chose to make it such. It is not as if some prevailing entity was forcing you to only single out one publisher. In fact, out if the ordinary to randomly decide to single out one console/publisher as if everyone else is immune or non-existent. Not sure what you are getting at.

PixelGateUk1290d ago

Because it's a post about the Xbox One? The site has plenty of content based around Nintendo and Sony, this was a post about Microsoft.

The Wii U, and well...err most nintendo systems already have a identity. The PS4 is slowly starting to carve out it's character, mainly due to Bloodborne and it's indie support. The xbox one is still looking for it's groove, the Master Chief mess was a huge bump in the road, as too was the short life span of Titanfall.

I'm really not sure why you'd expect Nintendo & Sony to heavily feature in a post about Microsoft.

christocolus1290d ago

I agree with your comment 100%.Gears will be 10 years old next year and this will give the new generation a chance to experience the best version of the game.

PixelGateUk1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

You need to stop being so sensitive over Microsoft mate, like honestly you're acting like the post is a hate speech, relax :P

'' it is only a post "about xbox" because you chose to make it such''

Well yeah...that's literally stating the obvious. Why does everyone try to make everything a 'fan boy/girl' issue on here?!

nicksetzer11290d ago

Did I? I thought I was simply asking a completely valid and rational question...

Also, you posted a quote that directly responds to what you asked me, were you expecting no answer? Or for me to suddenly change my mind?

Sounds to me like you are the one being sensitive. If you can't take critiques on articles without whining you might as well just stop now, because I will certainly not be the first or last to do so. (Many time it will be MUCH worse)

Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


You know if this Gears HD is real it would only be the second such retail HD port that MS has made on XB1, right? "ANOTHER" EXCLUSIVE is really hyperbole as Sony already have TLOU, GOW, the Ratchet and Clank remake, and the rumored Uncharted HD on their system.

Where is your "Another Exclusive Remastering Is The Last Thing The PS4 Needs" article? If you are going to be a fair journalist, make sure you make it fair on all platform and not Single out a single console.

voodoochild3461289d ago


It's obvious isn't it. Trashing Sony won't get them the clicks they want so they go after Microsoft. It's all about money.

Bigpappy1289d ago

Of course people would prefer Greas4 over a remake. But guess what: There is no way they want a half bake Gears made in a year. They want the best Gears Black Tusk can make.

In the mean time, I am sure fans waiting on Gears4 are fretting about getting to play and enhanced version of the reason they are so looking forward to Gears4. Especially if they are reasonably priced like the MCC was.

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Bigpappy1290d ago

All true "nicksetzer1". What gets me about the opinion peace, is that the author attempts to speak for X1 owners, then puts his assertion in the form of a question. I don't mind people submitting these opinion pieces, but maybe they should at least be based on more that just personal preference. I am sue a simple question in any forum would give a slight idea as to if X1 gamer would buy a remake of gears?

May be just wait until it releases and fail before calling out M$ (Phil) on the decision to release a remake of Gears. To me it's a no-brainer and a money pit at that.

PixelGateUk1290d ago

No one is calling out anyone (calling out seems to be a term overused by people in the US?). Though i will say this, you dislike people assuming things...only to go on and assume things yourself? it's a bit odd.

The general reaction i obtained across the hardcore Gears community was a preference for Black Tusks Gears to be the best it can be, no one seemed even slightly interested in a remastered Gears...well there was a few people asking of Judgement, but i think that was in jest more than anything.

Sayai jin1289d ago

@Pixel, you sound like a nationalist when you say called out is a term is overused by people in the US. I am well traveled and there are very few countries that I have not traveled. I'm in the UK a few times a year and travel from London, Petershead, to Castlebar. That is term used a lot by the younger generation across the globe.

On topic, Gears is one the most requested remaster for the XB1. You mention that the harcore Gears fans are nnot really requesting this remake. Idisagree with this as well; as recently looked at the Gears (Epic) forums and this rumored remake is a hot topic. Whhhile many want Black Tusk to make the best game they want this game in the interm.

Not sure why you think that the second exclusive remake for the XB! is too much.

ginsunuva1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"tearaway, journey, flower" are not remasters; Tearway is a new game and Journey/flower are regular ports that are cross-buy.
"possibly an uncharted collection"; not even confirmed so you can't cite that.
GoW3 being remastered is just unnecessary.
TLOU was a semi-reasonable due to its timing.

The problem is with 3rd party remasters like Injustice, Tomb Raider, Borderlands, FF Type-0, Saints Row 4, Sleeping Dogs, Payday 2, Metro, Diablo 3, Dark Souls 2, Devil May Cry, and DMC4

rainslacker1289d ago

I see a lot of the current remasters as more cross-gen releases and not really remasters. Halo MCC is a remaster, but only a couple of the games and the online modifications required any real remastering, the rest was just rebuilt for the new console using improved textures and such. GOW3, Flower, Uncharted and TLOU is pretty much the same thing where there doesn't have to be a lot of "remastering" compared to games like The Sly collection, MGS Collection, etc.

I don't see a problem with remasters myself, because new releases aren't slowing down in the least. They increase in frequency every year from 1st party. I can see problems with some of the 3rd party publishers like square who seem to do rereleases more than new games.

4Sh0w1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Uhm, call them remakes, modified games, last gen games "rebuilt for the new console", or cross gen releases, whatever they are the end result is the same= old game+minor/major tweeks presented on new hardware, lol sure you could divert the conversation to defining technically what a "remaster" is, but it's quite obvious that this article is implying Microsoft are mistakenly bringing too many old games from past platform to its new Xbox One platform, when despite the terminology X1 has less older games made for their new hardware compared to ps4.

On its face the question sounds very disengenous given the circumstances across the industry as a whole and *IF one were to be writing about remakes X1 has the least compared to other platforms. He later mentions that both don't have a library worth boasting about but states his opinion that because of Bloodborne the scale is in sonys favor, which naturally seems to be one sided since in many others opinion Microsoft have been doing at least a better with their lineup as far as exclusive AAA IP's are concerned. Frankly imo games like Forza Horizon2 and Sunset Overdrive easily outweighed what sony offered exclusively in the previous qtr before Bloodborne...I think they were well worth boasting about but again opinions are just that, either way for the reasons I have just stated a critical look at this article suggests its motivated more by bias rather than an actual neutral look at the topic of remasters. lol, had the author rephrased his headline, presented the factual information in regards to the 3 major platforms and then said *personally that he doesn't want to play a Gears1 remake on X1, I'd just reply "to each his own", but here he simply sounds like a terribly biased writer trying to grab some hits.

rainslacker1289d ago

I wasn't trying to divert attention. I may be trying to define what is a remaster, because the point I'm trying to make is that this stuff has always existed, and it hasn't caused problems before. Cross-gen and porting to other consoles has been going on since the beginning of console gaming. The reason I do this is because of articles like this, or some people who comment making it into a big console war thing.

I do know what the article is trying to state, and I agree, it's an unfair accusation to say that MS is doing what it it is implying. It is completely untrue to be honest. There could be some merit if you look at 3rd party instances, but even then it's a stretch, and that's more multi-plat anyways. but even then, it's not like those are bad things, nor does it show a trend of fewer new games coming coming out. Otherwise, I don't feel either console has released or announced enough 1st party remasters to warrant even a look at this "issue". Even when we got 3-5 a year from 1st/3rd party last gen, it wasn't really an issue that needed discussion. Discussion would be warranted if it got to the point where there were 3-5 released every month as marketed releases, and new games started coming out only one or twice a month, but that is far from happening. The more concerning trend I see is the penchant for companies to shift their focus to mobile gaming, and their more traditional games take a back seat.

I think both consoles have a decent enough library for being under 2 years old. Prior gens have never had as many new games vying for the customers attention so soon.

But 100% agree that the writer is biased and looking for hits.

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Relientk771290d ago

We don't need anymore remasters, we have way more than enough this generation already

darthv721290d ago

while i agree that the remaster trend needs to phase itself out... of the three 8th gen platforms there is only one with the lions share of remasters.

can Pixelgate guess which one that is???

oasdada1290d ago

Because that platform has a lion share of exclusives

rainslacker1289d ago

If you're speaking of 1st party remasters, isn't it about equal between the two? For both released and announced/rumored.

Can't really control what 3rd party does.

Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

It will give a chance for new players coming from previous consoles like the PS3 to XB1 to experience the greatness of the Gears Franchise before Gears 4 drop.

It is a fan service and no is forcing you to buy it but more games the better, I say.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1289d ago

this excuse again.

No BACKWARD Compatibility

Blackleg-sanji1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Let's see how many ppl show hypocrisy in this article now that gears is the one in the spotlight....knws already started
Edit: and I mean from both camps

Kane221290d ago

oh im expecting all kinds of praises when micro officially announces this game at e3.even though everyone got so mad at every remastered game that has come out so far.

Blackleg-sanji1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

It's crazy that God of war 3 article got trashed now yet here we are. Every remaster that gets announced gets trashed so it's funny to see certain names on here praising this

Edit:@below I'm sure timing is key but that collection didn't get any hate(rightfully so it's great value...when it works) I'm comparing the one game remasters tho

Edit2: so if this is just the gears 1 and not a collection it's pointless too right? I mean gears looked fairly good hell Damn good for 360 s

darthv721290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

depends on the game. The most common comparatives are TLoU and MCC. One of them being a remaster of a game less than a year old. The other being a compilation of 4 games (5 if you count ODST later on).

It is all about the timing.

edit: @blackleg, I dont think GoW 3 needed to be remastered as it is still a brilliant game. It and TLoU are bluray quality games that are taking advantage of HD visuals.

What is there to really improve?

It's one thing to simply remaster a single game. I see it like the directors cut of a movie. Maybe a few extras but nothing that really changes the dynamic of the original.

then its another to not just remaster but compile several entries into one package. You certainly feel like you are getting your $$ worth.

It was a great idea for the jak collection, sly collection, ratchet collection, god of war collection (see where I'm going with this?)

the key word in each example is "collection"

And for now it's just speculation it would be ONLY gears 1. MS would be foolish to just do a one off remaster. giving the COG collection a true bluray compilation would be very smart on their part.

JasonKCK1289d ago

It's about content and price. Don't want single remastered games with just a resolution patch. Something like The Orange Box, Hitman HD, or Halo MCC are more than welcome because it's a collection filled with content and a worthy price. A single game that came out 2 years ago that doesn't really look much better for $50 isn't welcome. I don't care if it's 1st party or 3rd, or who makes or publishes it, I don't want.

gangsta_red1290d ago

Which names in this article were trashing God of War 3 and are now praising Gears of War.

Just curious to know.

Blackleg-sanji1290d ago

Now gangsta...u know darn well who for the most part already

PraxxtorCruel1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Difference is Gears of War 1 has multiplayer functionality providing it a long lease of life.