PaintMIXER v2.1.0 - MSPaint for your PSP

Homebrew enthusiasts who like the idea of drawing on the go with their PSPs will appreciate the newest 'brewed drawing application by homebrew developer Gefa, PaintMIXER. PaintMIXER is actually a clone of the well-known Paint application, MSPaint.

It's a pretty good mock-up of Paint, and it even uses the same icons that will ensure that users of MSPaint won't have any difficulty with telling which tool does which. (Download available onsite).

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Fishy Fingers3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

That's great. This is why I love the homebrew scene, if people could pull their heads out of the sand and realise it isn't simply a tool to pirate games but I viable means for freeware.