New Tomb Raider Underworld Teaser Trailer

Eidos published a new Tomb Raider Underworld teaser trailer. Enjoy.


The trailer have been replaced by a better quality one.

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JASC3774d ago

Why isn't Tomb Raider as popular as it used to be? I for one am looking forward to this game.

Genesis53774d ago

You're not alone. Everybody has a game they are waiting for, this is mine and it looks really good. I have played them all from start to finish. I love Tomb Raider.

Kaneda3774d ago

She is not pretty anymore.. I am no longer inlove.. :) she got nice (_*_) though..

UnSelf3774d ago

Tomb Raider can tease me anyday in any underworld

Guitarded3774d ago

Because the series has gone downhill ever since the original Tomb Raider was released. I personally don't even consider the Crystal Dynamics games Tomb Raider games. They are just lame attempts to re-envision one of the greatest games of all time, that feel like a completely different game and suck monkey balls at the same time. The action, the targeting system, the sense of exploration are all broken and completely lacking in the recent games. Tomb Raider is dead! Long live Tomb Raider.

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aggh im on fire3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Yeah i loved legend and Annivesary, looking forward to this. Teaser trailer was ok but i would have prefered game play vid.

level 3603774d ago

Is that Lara's ( Lady Croft mansion? ), because it looks like someone's gotten some serious and very important files on her computer that she needs to desert the place and blow everything up... and some mighty big explosion there.

Looks really good I might have to pick this game up again, after that very long momotonous story plots of before.

S-T-F-U3774d ago

Cant wait for this game, looks like this is the true next gen Tomb Raider game :)

Mc Fadge3774d ago

"Oh my gawd, what a LAME trailer. I was looking forward to this game, and they give me a CGI trailer?! They could've squeezed in at least 2 seconds of clunky gameplay. Geez. What a disappointment. Hate. Hate. Hate."

See how silly it seems?

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The story is too old to be commented.