Bloodstained Meets $500k Kickstarter Goal Hours After Campaign Launch

Earlier today, famed Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi launched a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming title, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Just a few short hours after launching the game on the crowd funding site, it has met its goal of $500k.

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Venomousfatman1290d ago

This is awesome. Pretty nuts how fast it got funded. From what I've seen in the images and what Iga said about it, I really want to play it. Cant wait!

darthv721290d ago

it's over $600k now and should easily hit the $850k soon enough.

anash6111290d ago

First Yooka-Laylee and now this! It's a good time to be a gamer

Venomousfatman1290d ago

Oh definitely. And this is happening with games that are pretty much sequels and ideas that we've always wanted to see.

Definitely something that everyone should be happy about. Cant wait for it to release.

Mr Marvel1289d ago

I have no interest in Yooka Laylee, but I love the Castlevania series so I can't wait for this game.

Romudeth1290d ago

This is what Konami has failed to understand: If you give fans what they want, they will buy it. Hopefully this game will be the Castlevania games fans of the series have been asking for. The fact this met its goal so fast says volumes.

Venomousfatman1290d ago

Right now I would love to know what is going through the minds of Konami upper brass now that the projct is funded. Especially now in the wake of Kojima leaving, because you can definitely bet he is probably going to do something similar with his own stuff.

The fact it was funded so quickly shows that Konami is definitely missing out on a lot of people who would've bought a game like this if they made one. Money left on the table, so now Iga and his people are going to pick it all up.

Romudeth1290d ago

You're right bro. BIG missed opportunity for Konami.

_-EDMIX-_1290d ago

"This is what Konami has failed to understand"

I don't get why folks think Konami is some who mad or doesn't know what they are doing. They not longer want to be in gaming....

They know it makes money, they've been doing this longer them some here have been alive. Its merely that the cost to fund those titles and the returns isn't enough for the risk for them.

They are seeking something else less risky.....thats it.

Konami is pretty much leaving gaming and will likely sell their ips to another publisher.

Konami is best doing this.

Igarashi is best doing this move independently etc.

Kojima pretty much wants to make a HUGE series, budget and all, Konami pretty much being a small publisher doesn't clearly want this.

They very much know....they could have made more money with the MGS ip, with less of the cost. What Kojima wants, isn't what Konami wants.

One is a business, the other is an artist. I truly can't fault both of them.

Konami is just tired of having all their money tied up in a game that isn't releasing in year and years, Kojima is mad about the lack of control of his IP.

The reality is...neither are wrong. Konami should leave gaming, Kojima should go independent and seek public funding. Not many publishers will put up with someone like Kojima, yes...his games do well, they get great reviews.......enough to justify 6 to 7 years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars of cost?

As gamers, we love the quality of his titles, easily he is the greatest director in gaming currently (imho EVER) but the reality is....his work isn't doing COD numbers, yet is likely costing COD development.

Summons751290d ago

"They know it makes money, they've been doing this longer them some here have been alive. Its merely that the cost to fund those titles and the returns isn't enough for the risk for them."

But that's what these big time devs aren't understanding. This, Yooka_Laylee, Mighty Number 9, Shovel Knight all ask for funding well under the hundreds of millions some AAA games cost when you can make amazing and fun games without pushing the budget. Gamers want games that are FUN and these games go to prove it sevenfold. Sure it's nice to look at a game like The Order or The Witcher but ultimately it comes down to how fun the gameplay it, The Order dropped the ball. Simple as that.

MilkMan1289d ago

Let me bubble you up bro! You're a freaking genius. Im serious.

_-EDMIX-_1289d ago

@Summon- Those games are being funded (Mighty 9, Yooka Laylee) based on the known teams behind them.

Those games will do well, they clearly won't do COD numbers.

Us gamers clearly want those games, but not with the huge numbers that other titles see. Its easy to do that crowd funded, its harder to budget it if your a publisher.

How much does it really cost to make such games? How much marketing could make a difference? Marketing new ips will get more awareness and more sales etc.

Its not as easy as "Capcom, do Bayonetta, Capcom, do Evil Within etc"

Those teams where able to do those games else where because those publishers were seeking new ips based on the pedegree of the team, publishers like Capcom, Konami etc where not seeking creating and backing new ips that may fail.

I don't disagree with you from a gamer's perspective, but from a business one, those publishers in some regard are correct to worry about that.

What developers and gamers want are new ips, what publishers and investors want are established "safe" investments.

Some publishers bank on new ips almost every gen ie Sony, but they do so knowing of the risk involved, ie Lair...

But again, The Last Of Us, Uncharted..

Too many times publishers will see the "Lair" example and clearly won't go the route of new ips and even if they get "mild" success, they will feel that they could have made more going with an older ip.

Its just a numbers game..I don't disagree with you, but its really the way it is.

If I put my money on it....I'd say I would back an establshed vs a new IP, as a GAMER THOUGH I always like to see new ips and support many of the older devs I grew up with.

ie Evil Within, Shadow Of The Damned, Vanquish, Bayonetta etc

But as much as I KNOW Evil Within kills any RE thats released in the last 10 years, I easily can put money it won't do RE5 or RE7 numbers.

and I 100% agree, you can very much make safe investments in new ips without seeking AAA budget to due so, they just need to trust their teams.

I truly hope Shinji comes back to directing and Evil Within becomes a series to show companies like Capcom to trust their talent on new ips.

and bubbles for your intelligence =)

anash6111290d ago

Konami really messed up recently. First Kojima, then Silent Hills, and now this?

_-EDMIX-_1290d ago

....not sure what you mean, Igarashi left Konami last year. Kojima leaving is clearly why PT is gone along with Silent hills...the 2 are not separate, they are very much both linked to the same reasons.

I don't think it was a "mess up" they merely were no longer going to do MGS Kojima's way (which is crazy) but clearly they will make more money with the lower cost and cod attitude lol.

Freddy_Millz11290d ago

Igarashi left them a while ago. He probably got a hint as to what was to come when they tried to bastardized Lords of Shadow. Hes a wise man that literally keeps to the shadows and watches to see when to make chess moves...I do believe this is a check f*cking mate!

SwiffEpics1290d ago

This is awesome. Glad these guys can get their own projects started with crowd funding.

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