Grand Theft Auto V Mod Introduces Atlantis Mode, Completely Removes Sea Water & Creates Tsunamis

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is why we love mods. GTA5-Mods member ‘Script Mods’ has released an amazing mod for GTA V. This mod comes with three configs. One of them introduces an Atlantis mode (basically this mode covers the entire map with water), the other one completely removes water from sea, and the third one creates big tsunamis that hit Los Santos."

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Snookies121289d ago

Now that is an awesome mod...

subtenko1288d ago

I'd be better if it started on one side and you could try to outrun or drive the water as long as possible. I hope there is another version

just_looken1288d ago

Wait Wait Wait we are porting mods now? dam that's sad.

Way back last year this was out on last gen consoles as a mod they just ported it from 360.

Just look online this is a 2014 mod nothing new or amazing here even gtaiv had this.

Septic1288d ago

So? Stop whining. It's still a wicked mod and looks amazing in GTA 5

wannabe gamer1288d ago

just cause something is remade somewhere doesnt mean its a port. people really need tostop using this term for everything like this. this is not a port or even close

masterfox1289d ago

wow that Tsunami mod is actually very freaking awesome, I which there was video of a huge tidal wave approximating the city and covers it all, that would be stunning!.

Nice job PC modders nice job!

DarkOcelet1289d ago

Thats Bat$hit crazy. Thank God for mods!

WeAreLegion1289d ago

As someone with Thalassophobia, that's a big NOPE for me.

rivencleft1289d ago

The pictures that pop up when you google Thalassophobia are quite interesting, especially for someone with an intense fear of the sea. The darkness of it terrifies me.

Septic1288d ago

Man I felt soo weird as the guy went into the emptiness in the no water mod.

I don't have your phobia but in the tsunami mod, I feel really weird too.

Amazing engine though.

Software_Lover1289d ago

Man, someone needs to come up with a weather mod. Tornadoes. Earthquakes, then Tsunamis. Hurricane (typhoon). I think that would be a great idea.

sourav931289d ago

Or an apocalypse mode, where it's literally starts to rain fire!

Software_Lover1289d ago

............... that's just a little too much lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.