Sega, Konami and Their Fellow Fallen Giants

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Some worrying trends have been emerging over the past 3 – 5 years. Here we look at one that’s pretty relevant to the news over the past few weeks: once great games company either struggling to make ends meet, or leaving the stage all together. Here we take a look at the five that stand out the most in our minds.'

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kalkano1230d ago

Biggest losses:

1) Shining Force
2) Suikoden
3) Skies of Arcadia
4) Vandal Hearts

sushimonster851230d ago

Love Skies of Arcadia, played through it on both the Dreamcast and GameCube. Would love an HD re-release.

3-4-51229d ago

Sega is still kicking....they just have poor management.

from the beach1229d ago

A missed opportunity to troll Rare!?!

TheCommentator1229d ago

Rare has been doing alternative stuff since Nuts and Bolts like the Kinect Sports series. Kameo was a great game and the avatar system was designed by them too. Rare has new games coming and is updating the avatar system for XB1 as well. They're not exactly failing.

from the beach1229d ago

Oh I absolutely agree, I think they did a good job on KS and would go as far as to say N&B and VP are among their very best games ever.

It's just articles like this are almost always, unfairly, used to troll them.

sushimonster851229d ago

Nah, Rare have had a rough ride these past few years. As you have already said, both Nuts and Bolts, and Viva Pinata were both great games. I think a subtle grudge has been held against them ever since they left Nintendo for Microsoft.

KryptoniteTail1229d ago

Lots of mistakes since last gen, starting with no Dreamcast 2, moving forward to Konami's bull. Hopefully next gen shines.