ARK Will Use DX12; Console Launch Expected In Summer 2016

ARK has been confirmed to support DirectX 12. The developer is targeting Summer 2016 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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ccgr1193d ago

Looks fun, will keep eye out for it on PC

hello121193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Xbox official Youtube uploaded a video.

This is the way you upload a video to Youtube (proper quality)

I thought it was the Crytek engine at first glance, wrong i was, its unreal engine 4 supported by dx12.

Gears 4 unreal engine 4 dx12 man!!! The devs making this game are not going to have the same resources and backing but they still got the game looking like this!

Imp0ssibl31193d ago

Yes, Unreal Engine 4 is an amazing engine. Even indie developers can make great looking games, but of course bigger studios will do better

christocolus1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Man that looks good.

gfk3421193d ago

Playstation official Youtube uploaded the video too.

They also uploaded the game using the same proper quality

It looks the same...

reallyNow1193d ago

that motion blur is awful and waaaaaay over abundant.

rdgneoz31193d ago

"It looks the same..."

Probably because that's PC footage atm.

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Gilgamesh151193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Thanks for letting us know the platform. Please continue to keep us all posted on this in the future, because it is very important that we have this info.

Mostafeto1193d ago

This is gonna be one of the first games to actually push the PS4 to its limit or almost show us what it is actually capable of

Alexious1193d ago

About time, too. I'm really sick of remasters and stuff like that, we need innovative games such as this one.

blackout1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

And if it does is because of dx12.

Festano1193d ago

DX12 gaming will be so good!!

gangsta_red1193d ago

" open world survival game with dinosaurs."


Alexious1193d ago

Indeed, and there's taming too...I want to ride a Velociraptor!

Bigpappy1193d ago

The foliage and lighting looks good, but the animation needs much better work.

Alexious1193d ago

You're right about that, but you should also consider that it's being made by a small studio and great animations are costly.

They'll improve over time though, it's not even available on Early Access yet.

Bigpappy1193d ago

I can appreciate that it is a small studio. But the animation is crucial to the perceived quality of the game, and they should fix it or be prepaid to sell it at a barging price. What I am saying, in short, is that if they can get decent animation, they may get away with charging top dollar or close and may people would play, because the presentation otherwise looks very good. It is not a knock on them, but rather constructive criticism.

I actually would not have easily believed this was done by a small studio if the animation wasn't so poorly done. It is seriously hurting the marketing of the game and their ability to sell many copies at a more rewarding price.

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The story is too old to be commented.