Yu-Gi-Oh coming to Wii as...a Racer?

Recently Konami confirmed that one of their successful batch of Yu-Gi-Oh games will be making an appearance on Wii, but as something slightly different. According to Siliconera, a Konami representative, after confirming the title's existence, simply said 'think racing'.

The game is reportedly based on the new Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's anime series, where characters duel with cards on Motorcycles, so it seems plausible that the Racing remark ties to that, and not some Mario Kart clone.
Then again, Wii is getting a Castlevania Fighting game from the same company, so who knows...

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pwnsause3771d ago

konami, why not bring Yu-Gi-oh to the PS3 and take advantage of the PS EYE?

hotrider123771d ago

now that would be great have yu-gi on ps3
I wish they would continue making yu-gi-oh cartoons nothing lately is interesting on sat. anymore since yu-gi-oh is off air yu-gi-oh gx is lame.

Raoh3771d ago

shame they dont make a playstation eye version of the game. i used to love playing the card game with my son.

TheColbertinator3771d ago

Check out YuGiOh The Abridged Series on youtube.Its hilarious!

TheColbertinator3771d ago

Screw Da Rulez I have Green Hair!

ChickeyCantor3771d ago

I have to start watching them again xD they are indeed awesome.

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SolidSnake933771d ago

One thought has crossed my mind WTF.

darkdoom30003771d ago

wow, magical cards and motorcycles!?
(Ok, cards arent really magical, but pish)

Thats as crazy as a fat italian plummer trying to fight a someone who has taken down 3+ bipedal nuclear equiped waking tanks. and was the clone of the greatest mercenary to live. and also apprently has no penis...

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